30 December 2014

Free For All Tuesday No. 204


  1. what do you do with your unwanted inserts...... recycle...give away.... notepaper.....lists?

    1. I recently cleared out all out-dated inserts and they all went into recycling.

  2. I hope you all had a nice Christmas and/or Seasonal Holiday with your friends and families. I have a question regarding the Filofax Topaz. I purchased mine about a month ago from Agenda Shop in NL, great service nice online shop, the leather felt dusty so I wiped it down with clean tissue paper but it felt dry. I then used gently a wet wipe but there were no dirt dust or anything. So I put the Topaz away and forgot about unil now when I remembered the texture. I wondered whether anybody else had experienced the same with their Topaz? If yes, did Wheelers leather balm or a leather cream polish help? May be the leather is supposed to feel this way.

  3. Hope you all have a marry christmas, I still have a struggle with rusty ring in mini size Filofax Finchley navy color. I really loved that binder and got it really haard way searching all the internet.
    But the thing is the ring got rusty after I used it for one year. and that made me dispointed. with this mini filofax, I bring it with my every where so I can do memo in it whenever I want, but even this rusty ring made all the inserts got nasty too. So I went to local ring shop but they didnt have this ring size, and tried to contact Filofax england they dont really answer the right one.....so........ my question is, what do you do? if you have found your planner ring got rusty? because I want to use it again.


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