17 December 2014

Guest Post - Montblanc Diary Insert - Katka

 Thank you to Katka for a brief overview of the Montblanc Day per Page diary insert

I`ve been looking for new 2015 refill for some time now.  I`ve been using Filofax personal Day per page this year, but I really don`t like those narrow lines. So here is my review of Montblanc refill.

Montblanc Medium Calendar 2015 - Day per page - Id. Nr. 111644
Compatible with Filofax personal or compact binder.
Price online – £21 or €24. I bought it in Montblanc store for equivalent 24 €.

Here is what you get in the package:

Heavy plastic cover page

Personal information page

Public holidays page

Year per page overview (2015-2018)

Year overview on foldable page

Month per page overview

Notes pages (5 lists)

Actual calendar pages (day per page, weekend per page)

Paper is definitely better quality than Filofax paper. But maybe it`s just a feeling, because the paper weights is similar (80g/m2). Not white, not cream, something in between.

Here is some writing and see through test.

Pages have perforated corners so you can find your today page quite easily.

Hope somebody finds it useful and helpful.

Available on line here:

1 comment:

  1. The paper looks lovely and I like the Montblanc logo on each diary page!


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