18 December 2014

Vintage slimline Iguana - by Anita

I've started selling some of the Filofaxes that I'm not using, but eBay can be too tempting sometimes! I put in a bid on the slimline Iguana, expecting to be outbid and completely forgot about it.

It's made of calf leather with a lizard print in a lovely golden tan colour. I really like the print as it adds a bit of interest, but is quite subtle with a slightly shiny finish. There are no signs of wear or tear and the rings are perfect.

On the left hand side, there are two diagonal slip pockets and on the right a full length pocket, but there is no pen loop. It doesn't lay flat, but I think it would do with some use and a little training.

There is no code written inside, but Robert has kindly advised me that it would be 3CL 1/4 IG.

I have used the slimline size before and could be very tempted to try using this as my main binder, with an A-Z insert in my Kensington for holding notes and project information. The Kensington is a fairly slim binder anyway, but the Iguana's width is tiny in comparison.

I admit that I fell in love a bit with this red Winchester Iguana, but I've never seen one like this in the slimline size before. I have no idea when they would have produced, but the earliest insert that was included was dated 1986.

I love hearing about a binder's history and this is what the eBay seller said:
'This Filofax was found when I helped a friend to do a house clearance in his old family house, in Westbury-on-Trym (Bristol, UK), and it was amongst the stuff of an uncle that lived there in the 60's/70's. He told me to keep anything I wanted, as all the rest would go to the bin! I kept this (now yours) beautiful organiser'. 
I am sure that you would agree that it would have been such a shame if it had gone in the bin!

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  1. What a lovely binder. Thanks for sharing the photos, Anita. You're right--it is teeny-tiny, but I think that's one of the appealing features about it.