12 March 2015

Philofaxy North American Tour - Summer 2015

I'm pleased today to be able to announce the main stop off points on our tour of North America this summer.

Alison and I have been planning this 'holiday' or marathon depending on how you look at it, for the last few weeks. We are continuing to do research in to things and planning to get the most out of our visit to North America this summer.

First and foremost this is a holiday for us both, the first true holiday we have had in nearly 10 years that doesn't involve visiting UK or what was our second home here in France until we moved here.

As neither of us have been to North America before we are keen to see as much as we can of the two vast countries, naturally there is a lot we will miss out, may be another time we will get to see more of the states.

Having announced the tour on Facebook just after Christmas, we have managed to find some willing volunteers to help me organise the meet ups in various cities during our visit. The details on times and locations of these meet ups are still coming together and I will publish more details about each one in the coming weeks.

As an overview here are the dates and cities that we will be having meet ups in on our tour.
Our overall tour looks something like this. 

We are flying from Paris to Montreal and returning via the same route as well. 

The other thing to decide of course is what organisers to bring along!!

Look out for the meet up details for each city in the coming weeks.


  1. What a trip, Steve! I'm very envious. Not withstanding the lovely American Filofax enthusiasts you will meet, the scenery should be out of this world. I shall look forward to reading all about it later in the year.

  2. Wow that's a great adventure! How exciting! Hope to see you in Chicago or Toronto...both 5 hours away. This must be fun to plan out!

  3. Looking forward to Denver!!

  4. Looking forward to either NYC or DC (probably NYC).

  5. Woo hoo! So excited for this meet up!

  6. I really want to make it to one of these! Hopefully NYC!