16 December 2015

Agendio custom refills for Filofax, Day-Timer and Franklin Planner

Agendio.com is a new website that went live a few weeks ago. They make custom planners that you create (from their vast array of templates). They now also have refills for Filofax, Franklin Planner and Day-Timer.

If you are unfamiliar with how Agendio works, please read my intro post on Plannerisms for the full explanation of how it works and all the available features. It's a lot of information, so to avoid repeating it all please go read that post and come back. If you would like to see a finished result, you can see my review of the bound planner I created with all the customized features. Ready?

They also make inserts with all those same features. You can customize the layout, choose fonts and colors, and add your own holidays and personal events. You can choose which month to start your planner, and even which day of the week you want your weeks to begin with. You can look here to see all their available features.

One of the most interesting and useful features is Divisibles. These are areas that you can divide and label, and structure how you like with lines, checkboxes, etc. This allows you to create categories that are directly relevant to you. You can label them for work or personal, individual projects or family members, however you like.

They have Filofax A5 size, Franklin Monarch and Classic size, and Day-Timer Folio and Desk sizes, and tomorrow they are launching Compact size inserts too. You choose your size and brand, and they punch the holes to the correct configuration.

Filofax A5

Franklin Classic, Day-Timer Desk

All photos copyright Agendio.com.

They have a variety of layouts available including days as vertical columns, grid (as shown above) or horizontal. You can choose weekly and monthly pages, just weekly or just monthly. You can see their refills here.

Agendio is in North America and they do ship internationally but not to all countries. You can see their shipping rates and where they ship here: https://agendio.com/faq#shipping  Since each planner is custom created and individually printed, they cannot do rush or overnight shipping. Turnaround time on the planners varies, and since this is an especially busy time of year I would give them at least a couple of weeks.

The customizer takes a few minutes to get the hang of, but once you've got it figured out it's very addictive. It's fun to try different layouts and see what they would look like as your planner!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Agendio in any way and I do not receive commissions on any sales. For more information, contact Agendio directly at: https://agendio.com/feedback

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  1. Ooh they look lovely - I'll have to take some time to have a proper look. I love the fact you can enter specific information and it will be saved for the next year!