14 December 2015

How to choose the right size organiser for you.

If you are a recent convert to paper planning (not just ring bound organisers) there are so many different sizes to choose from, even more so in bound planners.

So how can you pick one that will work for you? Where do you start?

Here are two simple rules.

1. Do not buy an organiser until you have tried out the page size for that size of organiser you ..have to/need to/would love to buy... Now I know the temptation is often too great.

2. Use loose paper of the size you are considering to evaluate it for at least a week.

What are the sizes?

SizeH x W (mm)Rings
A4297 x 2104
Deskfax250 x 1763 x 3
A5210 x 1482 x 3
Slimline/Compact171 x 952 x 3
Personal (Medium/Standard)171 x 952 x 3
A6 (Senior)148 x 1052 x 3
Pocket (Junior)120 x 812 x 3
Pocket Slimline120 x 812 x 3
Mini105 x 675
M264 x 1033

They are all 'portrait' format with the exception of the M2 which is 'landscape' format.

Finally, the organisers in the photo from the top to the bottom are:

  • M2 - Filofax Portobello
  • Mini - Filofax Malden
  • Pocket- Filofax Holborn
  • A6 - Van der Spek Senior Touch Me
  • Personal - Filofax Malden
  • A5 - Filofax Belmont
  • Deskfax - Filofax Richmond
  • A4 - Filofax Classic


  1. Great advice, Steve....

    Have done what you suggest and found it very helpful.

    Although still find myself torn at times whether I am using the right size...

    So it goes...


  2. The only thing I'd really add to this is portability - if you have a very full organiser like mine is, you need to consider the weight and how you will transport it. I love my A5, but it's just not practical to carry around all the time, so I currently use an A5 as a detailed organiser that stays at home and a personal domino as something more portable.

  3. That is very good advice. I echo the portability feedback and use a personal size (finchley) as I travel each day, the A5 (lockwood) for more detailed info for use at the desk.

  4. Much like my purse library idea, I think there should be a planner library. You borrow a specific size (for the sake of argument, they'll all be the same color), you get to try it out for a month, and if you like it, you know what size you need! If you don't, send it back and go to a different size. (And yes, there will be late fees and credit charges if it isn't returned.)