21 December 2015

Year Goals

When I worked a few years ago I used to be terrible at setting my own work goals for the forthcoming year, I could do them for the members of my team that I managed, but not myself... odd! I think my approach was wrong... anyway too late to worry about it now!... or is it....

As we are getting very close to the New Year, so may be it is time to sit down and plan out your goals for the forthcoming year, yes me included.

These goals can be anything such as lose 30 lbs or kgs in weight, learn to speak a new language, sort out your digital photo collection. Anything that is personal to you.

Having them in a chart in your planner helps you tackle these goals and helps you achieve them without exhausting yourself!

To help you chart your goals Amanda sent us her own templates to help you chart them. She says:
I like to write maybe just one or two big goals in each quarter-year, then use the month and week bits to 'project-manage'.

The weekly goals then get slotted into the diary/planner (so they have half a chance of getting done!).

It's not foolproof, but it might help some. I have found that just writing my goals down isn't enough for me - I then need to do a bit more to make them happen!
The files are now on-line in the Files page:
The files are set for A4 but they will 'Z fold' in to an A5 without any problems.  Thank you to Amanda for sharing the files.

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