31 December 2015

Do you scope?

In the last eight or nine months a new or relatively new application has been spreading amongst our community known as Periscope.

Periscope is an app that runs on most smartphones that lets you live stream (broadcast) or watch streams from the people you 'follow'

So in a way it is like You Tube, but live and with interaction... so if you are watching a live Periscope you can type questions and the person doing the Periscope will see your questions on their screen and be able to answer your questions as they broadcast... or try to!

I find it is quite a simple app to use and Periscope save your video so others can watch it later for up to 24 hours on replay. You can also save your own broadcast to your phone so you can edit it and upload it to You Tube if you wish.

In some ways I prefer the freedom that Periscope gives me to do a quick and simple broadcast there's no editing afterwards or long up load to You Tube and all that stuff which if you have ever done any You Tube videos you will appreciate that to do a 5 minute video can sometimes take you may be 5 hours!

So with Periscope you might be more motivated to do more frequent broadcasts.

To date I have only done a few broadcasts, but they have been fun to do and I plan on doing some more to explore the format and use it to show people items from my collection in detail.

I put my phone on a tripod so that I have both hands free, but a tripod isn't essential.

Periscope is an off-shoot of Twitter, but you now don't need to have a Twitter account to access or use Periscope. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to use the app which is still developing so I will not go in to detail here.

So whom should you follow?
  • @philofaxy - Me! 
  • @ritasedani - Rita Sedani
  • @tweetiepiecollage - Nancy
  • @plannerperfect - Jenny
  • @laurynwithlove - Lauyn Orr
  • @theplannerssociety - Christy Tomlinson
  • @beckyhigginsLLC - Becky Higgins
  • @misstrenchcoat - Alexis 
  • @teddiconfetti - Teddi Confetti
  • @kellymcneill - Kelly McNeill
  • @AmyTangerine - Amy Tan
  • @Tim_Holtz - Tim Holtz
  • @BohoPaperCottage - Kat
  • @carriemelvin - Carrie Melvin
  • @CyninHawaii - Cyn
  • @Chrissie71 - Christina
  • @mypurpleylife - Jennifer
  • @carrielynn - Carie Harling
And many many more. Look out for invites to watch other people's broadcasts on the app, and share ones you are watching with your followers and you will soon build up a variety of people to watch. 

We vary in what we 'scope' about so you can dip in and out of different ones until you find what you are looking for. 

I look forward to seeing more of our readers on Periscope in 2016. 


  1. I can see the attraction of Periscope, but I will be honest, I find it a bit creepy! I think it is because I read The Circle by David Eggers this year. It is about a large multinational corporation which is a cross between Facebook and Google. They develop a Periscope type app, which eventually leads to people broadcasting their entire life 24 hours per day. If you don't broadcast it is assumed you are up to no good and are hiding something. It is all a bit sinister, and a little too close to reality. Excellent book though!

    Having said that I will check out your next broadcast to say Hi!

    1. I read that creepy, depressing book also!

  2. I finally got it! So I will check it out next time someone goes life.

  3. And what about me? Hmmmmm?
    (You already follow me!)

    Follow me!

  4. I periscope... well I've done one broadcast but it's something I intend to explore properly in 2016.

    Follow me - nickieohara

  5. I periscope... well I've done one broadcast but it's something I intend to explore properly in 2016.

    Follow me - nickieohara

  6. I had downloaded it on my phone, but wound up deleting it. I'm just not glued to my phone that much nor am available to watch a live streaming video 'on the fly' It's why I much prefer Youtube where I can watch videos when it's convenient for me. I did happen to catch re-broadcasts of some Periscope videos on Youtube and the quality wasn't really that great.

    1. I'm with you. The quality is not as good, I prefer people to edit their videos most of the time, and I am just too busy to follow anyone on this.

  7. I don't know if I'm lucky that my phone is older that can't have it. Would love to give a try on Periscope. It does sound interesting.

  8. I am a little late in commenting. I have to say that while this is probably useful for many things (I have yet to "scope" in any fashion), I will probably not partake in this app. I am finding the few social media outlets I use difficult to keep up with, and in fact, they're intruding on my "real" life. I havent blogged in quite some time because I can't seem to find the time. One of my New Years goals/resolutions is to re-evalute how I spend my time. I love social media for many things, most of all keeping up with friends and family and the philofaxy community. But I can't add one more thing to my list.

    With that said, I agree with the above comments about watching videos on my own time. I save videos and watch them when I can. But even YT videos are a little more than I can handle. I subscribe to very few. I prefer blogs because I can read them on my own time and peruse and skip the content as I see fit, something I can't easily do with videos.

    I probably will never join Periscope for these reasons, but it does sound interesting, I have to say. Feeling just a little overwhlemed with all of the technology these days, and I'm pretty tech saavy and tech-interested.