10 February 2016

Finding an old friend

You should never be ashamed of using a personal organiser.  I do not react to the people that say 'Oh are you still using one of those' as they wave their shiny new smartphone in front of me.

If like me you stopped using your personal organiser and went electronic until you realised that things electronic are not always the best solution... and then you resorted to using your organiser again. I do not regret that time I spent using the electronic version. It has been worthwhile in helping me focus my mind on what I need to record or write down each day/week.

I'm sure a lot of you might still have your first Filofax, get it out again and consider using it for a week.  Naturally you might get even more comments from the smart phone brigade, but there might be a few looks of admiration too.

Owning an older style leather organiser has a certain 'retro' touch to it.... just like I can still pull out my Psion 5mx or my Nokia 7110 phone, both ancient technology from the 1990's. But that is what I used, the Psion certainly up to about 2004!

I recently had a bit of a frustrating time once again with an electronic task manager, I went back in time to how I used to do things on the Psion and then from there decided on a paper equivalent for routine weekly reminders.

So rather than trying to invent something new, sometimes it is a good idea to look back at how you previously did things and see if you can adapt old techniques and apply them to your current situation.


  1. I have never warmed to electronic organisation, even though I love tech and have gadgets galore and love learning new skills. I find it more concrete to write things down - perhaps it is more a sense of truly committing one's time when it is noted in ink, impervious to the delete key. All I know is that tasks in my filofax get done - tasks with electronic reminders get muted.

  2. My first foray into using an electronic planner was the Palm Pilot. Okay for a while until my entire calendar and todos were zapped in one unfortunate power outage. Gone were the details of my life, but I realized I was a paper girl at heart. Paper and planners have been a part of my life ever since. Long live paper and planners!

  3. I've never been into electronic organization. In the heyday of the Palm Pilot my then boyfriend used one, and I have to admit I was attracted to the developers ce, but the paper template I created for my monthly budget ( that I still use today) was more important to me. Sooooo where is the Palm Pilot today? So glad I did not turn to electronic. Today with an iPod, iPad and iPhone I do receive and accept "iCals" but everything still goes into my paper planner.

  4. I'm not a techie or gadget lover. I never had an electronic organizer either back when they were the rage. I've relied on my paper planner since 1995 and still do. And when my less-than-a-year-old iPhone 6+ was recently lifted from a store shelf where I had left it, I realized just how counter-productive it was to have had all my important phone numbers stored in there and completely helpless.

    When I got my replacement phone, I not only had to put in all those numbers in, but also replicated them in a small a-z section in my planner. I will never EVER rely solely on tech

  5. My second job working at a shelter with foster kids requires me to use my phone to coordinate kids appts with colleagues. I though still pull out my Midori and plan out my day and easily jot notes that's kids bring to my attention to digitize at end of shift. At staff meetings my boss always smiles when I'm the only one who writes notes and has written questions ready��

  6. When forced to use Outlook (I am an art director and Mac/anti PC all the way) through work over the years as well as Calendar in OS X, I honestly embraced electronic pkanning and task management, hoping desperately that it would help keep me organized.... Over time I became immune to the beep alerts and pop-up/post it reminders because I usually have multiple windows and apps open on my Computer at the same time and they became lost in the layers on my screen. Going back to Filofax and paper, I've managed to greatly improve the organizational need in my life and am so happy to still have my 1980s Winchesters and now others, including Lefax, Gillio and Van Der Spek to keep me on track! Brenda W.

  7. Ah, the Psion 5mx... I wrote a screenplay on it, painstakingly formatting in the word processor. I could actually bring myself to touch-type on it!