04 February 2016

Reader Under The Spotlight - Ann

Today I would like to introduce you to Ann. 

Ann is a marketing and fundraising professional with over 27years’ experience. She has worked
for an art museum, science museum, crisis center, NPR and PBS stations on a university campus,
chamber of commerce, private school, public foundation, a national nonprofit and a national research institute, community college foundation, educational nonprofit, and a children’s museum. She has a lot of adventures to share.

She’s a wife and grandmother of two, reads spy novels and mysteries, and shares the wisdom and philosophy of Alexandra Stoddard. Ann watches CSI, NCIS and Survivor. She dreams about beach- combing and collecting sea glass. A favorite weekend activity is going to the Brocante Market.

Ann is active in the community through her work as a Rotary Club Member and a member of the Chamber of Commerce among others.

She’s a popcorn aficionado and is known to travel the world to see a movie. She’s a cheerleader
who roots for the home team and her favorite number is 21. Her most memorable and inspirational former job was at Crater Lake National Park.

Ann’s husband Terry is a retired United States Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer and recently
semi-retired. Ann and Terry’s move to St. Petersburg, Florida was their 29th move. They have lived in Oregon, Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Florida, Alaska, Texas and New Mexico. Who knows what the next adventure will be?

1. When did you buy your first organiser and what was it?

1993 when the A5 first came out. Before that I used different brands with the first planner used in 1969.

2. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)?

I am currently using the Filofax Red Finsbury. I change colors quite often and started the new year with red that will carry over through February. I also use the Filofax Pocket size on a daily basis for my wallet. I am using the Filofax Black Pocket Malden and getting ready to switch to the Filofax Teal Pocket Finsbury.  My favorites are 1) Filofax Pocket Black Pocket Malden with the “Crystalized Elements”; 2) Filofax Personal Exotic and 3) the Filofax Aqua Malden.

3. How many Filofax or other brands of organisers do you own?

I have 30 Filofax brand planners that I use on a regular basis. I recently downsized and tried to keep 10 of each size. I have about 25 “other” brand planners.

4. What do you use your organisers for?

I use A5 planners for every day personal and professional work related planning. I use one personal planner for holiday planning and the pockets for every day wallet use.

5. How many sections do you have in your organiser and what is each section used for?

I use only four sections. Calendar, To Do, Notes and Contacts. I have three plastic zippered pockets in the back which are used for 1) stickers and small notecards 2) business cards and 3) stamps, flags, sticky pads

6. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

My wish would be to design with more creativity on the outside covers. We have so many amazing artists that are doing designs on any service, including leather. We are starting to see more of this on the new planners coming out (i.e. Webster and Rifle Paper Co.)

7. What's your favourite Filofax tip or hack?

I think that this is the most important question that you have asked. It is really the reason I reached out to Philofaxy and wanted to be “Under the Spotlight”. The downsizing of my collection really began when I realized that I have been coaching, mentoring others about the use of planners. I was giving planners to friends, family members, charities, and educational groups.  I attended the meet-ups and found that there are of course endless uses for our Filofax planners but there are so many users that need assistance to think outside the box and be creative to work with the planner. Those of us that have used them a long time can find just about anything anyone mentions that they want for their planners. There are inserts, dividers and countless other things being made by talented planner lovers all over the planet. When I attend the groups, many of the attendees do not know of the resources, think about other uses or where to go for information. Here are just four examples of subjects that I tackled with groups. Each participant left with a planner, inserts and resources that met their particular need.

·        Track cancer treatments and provide motivation to patients in the tough uphill battle

·        Provide  a place for Senior High School Students to list their to-do items and track the calendar for their applications to college

·        Used as a daily journal for family events and volunteer projects

·        For single mothers who are going through career consultation and need to make notes from their classes, counseling and interview training

I am sharing this in hopes that this illustrious group will think about their own situation and how they can share and touch others with the information, expertise and enthusiasm about how the planner can be utilized in our everyday lifes. Anyone interested in communicating with me can find be through www.linkedin.com

·        Basic professional work training; done one-on-one, in workshops or in team settings.

8. Have you ever attended a Philofaxy meet-up? if not do you intend to one day?

I have not attended a Philofaxy meet-up as I have not heard of any in this area. I attend other more general planner meet-ups that are hosted by a shop that has an outstanding inventory of new Filofax planners, Midori Travelers and many others. Attendees come from all over the region with ideas, projects, bring supplies to share and more.

9. What was the last movie you watched?

The Martian. I am on a mission to watch every movie nominated for an Academy Award.

10. What was the last book you read?

I have two to share; very different in subject matter: 1) Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh and 2) The Typewriter’s Revolution by Richard Polt. These are connected by projects I am currently getting ready to do.

Thank you Ann.

As you know we are always looking for new people to appear in our 'Reader Under Spotlight feature, you don't have to be 'well known' or a long term user to be considered to appear in this 'spot'.

So please contact Steve philofaxy at gmail dot com today. Thank you.


  1. Hi Ann you're ideas for using a Filofax to its best advantage sound great - do you have a blog, etc? I am not on Linkedin

  2. So nice to meet a fellow baby boomer here! My background also includes management experience within the non-profit community. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss any benefits you have found, by choosing paper planners over electronic organizers, in the non-profit community.
    Thanks for the great post, Ann!


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