08 February 2016

Krause Rings

Krause rings are considered to be the best available. I use them in all my 'expensive' organisers including my Gillio Mia Cara's.

When they haven't come fitted with Krause rings I've fitted them myself. It is a relatively easy job to do. With the right tools and the skills it only takes a few minutes to swap out the old rings and install the new ones.

I did this video a while ago which shows the essential things you need to know about changing rings.

Until recently obtaining Krause rings wasn't a simple task... all that has changed though.

Van der Spek have now made the Krause rings available to order on their web shop.  All Van der Spek organisers come fitted with Krause rings including their excellent 'Touch Me' range.  You will find

Krause rings in the Accessories section of the Van der Spek website here

Petra has supplied this useful photo of the rear side of each mechanism so you can compare them to the ones you already have to make sure they will fit your organiser. 

Points worth noting as follows:
  • The 'Mini' rings are not the same ring spacing as a Filofax Mini. 
  • Junior is the same as Filofax Pocket and Gillio Pocket (same spacing as well). 
  • Please note that the 20mm pocket rings are not interchangeable with the 16 mm pocket rings, the mounting points are a different distance apart. Therefore to use the 20 mm rings the internal mounting plate would need to be changed as well. 
  • Senior is the same as Mulberry Agenda and used for A6 organisers including the Gillio A6.
  • Standard is the same as Filofax Personal and Gillio Medium
  • A5 is the same as Filofax/Gillio A5, but note the three mounting points with the latch in the middle. Older A5's had only 2 mounting points not three as in this design. 
Gold rings are available at extra cost because they are gold plated to order or they get them done in small batches. 

Thank you to Petra Van der Spek for the photographs and for making the rings available on their web site.

For details of the full range of Van der Spek products see their site.


  1. Getting new rings is fairly easy but they do not come with backing plates and to do some of the things I want to do I would have to have backing plates. Not sure why these are not supplied along with the rings - that is V.d S. style rings not the riveted kind.

    1. I'm sure if you request a backing plate then Petra will ensure that one is included in the order.

    2. John,
      I asked Petra and she said:
      Yes of course I can include a backing plate.

      So it is possible, it's just that the majority of people don't require them.

  2. Steve - have you ever come across a Krause A5 3-ring setup? I know they have them but I can't find any on eBay or anywhere else. Thx

    1. Wouldn't those be the same rings that are used in North America for half-page?

    2. Alan, I doubt it, because A5 size and North American half-letter size have slightly different page dimensions, so it stands to reason that the ring spacing would also be slightly off.


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