19 February 2016

Free For All Friday No. 379 by Anita

A colleague of mine uses a Filofax as well, and was quite excited the other day about her most recent eBay purchase, a personal Springboard. I picked up the package and was horrified that I could feel the rings! It had been posted lying flat, wrapped it in brown paper and then sent it in one of those envelopes that feels like a plastic bag with no padding at all.

Luckily there seemed to be no damage, but I think that the seller needs to read this post. I much prefer to send a binder in a box nowadays, and am always on the look out for suitable candidates when we receive any deliveries.

Have you had any binders arrive in inadequate packaging or in a sorry state?

I hope that you have a lovely weekend and as it's Friday, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related in the comments.


  1. That sounds terrible....

    Haven't had a FF come to me that way, but recently ordered some other item from ebay and seller just shipped it through the US mail in a gray plastic bag, no padding.

    The really bad part was that at some point in the delivery process, the bag was cut and the items could have easily fallen out. Somehow, they didn't and I received the items OK.

    What really surprised me was that no one in the postal service seems to have noticed the large cut and put a piece of tape over it. I'm guessing that perhaps this is due to the cut happening somewhere in the process when bag was close to me.

    So it goes....

  2. That is really poor form on the seller, and obviously someone who doesn't know the importance of protecting the rings! I'm glad that your colleague didn't end up with a damaged planner! I haven't had any bad postal experiences, only bad seller experiences!

  3. I recently bought a secondhand VdS off of the FB board, and it was shipped from the UK to the US in a paper bubble mailer with a single sheet of bubble wrap around the rings. There was nothing to prevent it from being torn open, from being damaged by water or to protect those gorgeous Krause rings from being smashed. Somehow it survived a week intact.

  4. Thankfully, I've been lucky with the packaging and shipping. The one and only leather planner I've bought secondhand online, smelled like cigarettes. I wish sellers would be honest enough to disclose that.

  5. One binder arrived in a thin envelope but there was no damage. I will not buy certain products unless I know the exact information. I use specific paper for my insert in terms of spacing, color of lines, and weight. Since the notebooks were produced for events I would not find them at retailers. It is not relevant because there are many sheets in them.