15 February 2016

Gillio Meet Up - Brussels - 12 March 2016

Mella and the team at Gillio are organising another meet up in Brussels in March. You can get the full details about the meet up and what will be happening in March in their blog posts listed here:
It isn't too late to book your place follow the links and grab a ticket whilst they are still available. 

It will be the first time that all of the Gillio Facebook Admins will be in the same place at the same time... yes Karine is travelling over to Europe for the meet up. 

Yes I will be there! I hope to see you there.... and if you are coming to the meet up... make sure you leave some spare capacity in your bag, you never know what might attract your attention in the Gillio Boutique...

Gillio Meet Up March 2015
We hope to 'broadcast' from the event on the day. Look out for Philofaxy on Periscope. 

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