01 April 2016

Free for all Friday No. 385

All Filofax diaries come preprinted with national and international holidays, but when it comes to personal holidays, like birthdays, you can do it your way.

Do you write them in your new diary at the beginning of every year? Do you keep them on separate sheets that you can carry over from year to year? Or do you print them into your own self-printed inserts?

Whichever way you choose, how do you remind yourself in advance of the date so you'll be ready with card, gift, etc.?

As always, all organizer-related topics are welcome!


  1. Birthdays and Anniversaries are marked on my monthlies by small color coded stickers or color dots. Then a few days before the day, I put a note to mail a card. Failing to do that, I've set a task to call or text on the actual day. These are the only multiple entries on my calendars.

    Off topic. A while back, someone mentioned a company that sends out their inserts with tabs labelled 'Calendar', 'Agenda', and 'Diary'. I finally got it. "Calendar" for the overview, "Agenda" = Daily Docket, and "Diary" to record the past. Somehow this is how my brain reconciles it.
    Sorry, maybe that's a topic for another day.

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  3. Are there any Pocket filofaxes or other ring bound pocket organisers on the market that have rings larger than 19mm?

  4. I'm sure Filofax has only ever produced 11mm, 15mm/16mm and 19mm.

  5. Van der Spek Junior can be customized with 20 mm rings, but In my opinion Filofax 19 mm can hold more paper. I used a Malden as a test.