28 April 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 10

Planner Hacks

Celebrating our 10 year err 10th episode we bring you Steve and Karine’s favourite planner hacks as known to us and relayed to you. What’s the best way to make the most of what you’ve got? How to maximise your planner with tricks and suggestions from the depths of the plannerverse. Planners at the ready! Get out your paper and start writing these tips down

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Show Notes (timings approximate)

01:35 - Today Marker for repeated tasks
02:25 - Franklin Covey Pouch Pagefinder
03:30 - Birthdays and Anniversary on Monthly pages
04:15 - Letter writing kit
04:35 - Stamped post cards and envelopes
05:20 - Phone lists, use the most recently called list on your phone
06:30 - Exporting contacts from Apple contacts using Export Address Book
07:00 - Clothing sizes
07:40 - Testing cleaning product on leather samples or on the hidden part of the planner
09:00 - Use a leather sample to see how it fairs in your bag
09:35 - Filofax registration - or put in half a £50 bill
11:20 - Has your organiser ever been returned by Filofax?
12:00 - Paper folding in to A5
13:15 - Sharpening your paper punch with aluminium foil
14:00 - Using a today marker as a guide for a single hole punch
14:40 - Using spare diary inserts as undated task lists
15:45 - Fitting other size pages in to other size planners - Mini in A5, A6
17:40 - Four ring Pockets
18:15 - Printing on to Post it notes Ray Blake, Kent from Oz
19:15 - Index for your planner
19:45 - Rationalise your pages when you swap from one organiser to another
20:30 - Archiving old pages
21:35 - Colour coding key
22:35 - Changing your rings
23:25 - Gift boxes for your organiser
24:30 - Dust bags,
25:20 - Travel pouch by Thomas S
26:20 - Travelling with your planner
26:45 - Packing a planner for posting
27:30 - Cleaning the interior of your planner
28:25 - Opening and Closing rings
28:45 - Using Washi tape to cover over the times on the days of your diary insert

Episode 10 - Planner Hacks  

A direct download is also available here: Episode10.mp3

Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian

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  1. Brilliant - one of your best so far. Will keep coming back to this one most definitely.

  2. Great one! I have another storage hack: when I throw out all of my old VHS tapes I kept the plastic covers and replaced the film information/brochure by some pretty paper. I was originally planning to use them as stylish gift boxes for presents - but then I found that they have the perfect size for storing personal sized inserts, index cards and postcards (which I use for my a6) and I am also using them now for replacement ink cartridges, washi tape, paperclips and other stuff that was taking up space on my desk.

  3. Another fantastic podcast. I was listening to it while driving from work, so I will listen again so I can write down the notes and tips! :).