12 April 2016

Free For All Tuesday No. 271


  1. I enjoy thoroughly the Hitch Hikers Guide to Plannerverse- series. It is my wish that they would be added as a "sticky" of sorts somewhere here to be easily found. You would not believe how many planner-converts I have succesfully managed to drag back to the world of analogue by giving them links to the podcasts. And in the wee hours when I sort my papers and plan for the next day or then start the new day, I often put on my earphones and listen to them just to put me in the right frame of mind and be mindful about every single day. Besides, it pleases me no end to hear Karine pronounce "shuuurrrrr" and Steve giggle just like my father does. There is something endlessly comforting there. Also, if by the magic of editing there would appear links for the "future" podcasts to the earlier ones. I hope these wishes won´t provide too much of a hassle.

    1. Thank you for the feedback.

      There is a nice simple and easy way to get to them all http://philofaxy.com/podcast that will take to them all in most recent first order.

    2. Perfection! Thank you, Steve! I will make certain the posse of Philofaxy-converts also will get this very same link.