29 April 2016

Free for All Friday No. 389 by Nan

How do you store your Filofaxes, refills, archives, and accessories? Are you a plastic crate type or do you lovingly wrap your organizers in soft cloths for protection? Or are you, like me, reaching a crisis point where you're simply running out of space to put it all?

Of course, any other ring organizer conversation is also welcome. It is Free for All Friday, after all!


  1. Any unused binders are on a bookshelf & my current planner lives in the top drawer of my desk next to the holepunch. I keep spare paper in a Franklin Covey storage binder & also have a small box for other bits & pieces. I know that I don't own very much though...

  2. All unused filoxes, empty boxes, archived storage binders live in the extra large Filofax shopping bag which the store manager of the old Filofax store in Covent Garden store in England gave me when I visited several years ago. I didn't buy much that day, but my enthusiasm was so great that the manager gave me the bag as a nice souvenier.

  3. All of mine live in a cupboard above my desk. By instruction of 'the management' 'the collection' can't expand beyond the capacity of the cupboard. I have inserts in small plastic boxes in another cupboard!
    My A5 sits on my desk always open. The A6 in my 'Man Bag' as my grab and go bag.

  4. Whatever you do, if you have Domino binders (with the elastic strap on the outside), don't put them next to anything on a bookshelf. My leather Buckingham got destroyed from the strap of a Domino rubbing against it on the bookshelf. I felt very stupid and sad to have ruined my beloved Buckingham! And I'm mad at all Dominos now. Now I keep unused Filofaxes more carefully on my shelf, with the precious ones in boxes for protection. Inserts are in storage binders, on another shelf.

    1. I feel your pain, the same happened to me a couple of years ago!

  5. All of mine share space in an Ikea "Kallax" shelving unit. I use two of the 16 cubicles for my unused binders and my extra inserts and supplies are kept in small plastic boxes in another cubicle. My current "in production" A5 sits on my desk and is always open. I'm using a Gillio A6 as my go-everywhere daily binder.

  6. My Filofax HQ has a small wooden bookshelf for storage. I've also found cardboard boxes designed to hold DVDs are a good size for holding binders and inserts.

  7. I place my previous pages for my Franklin pocket binder in a sturdy plastic envelope. A storage binder would be nice but I am considering switching to a smaller pocket binder. My Franklin pocket one is large for some excursions. I drew my layout for one week on a smaller sheet for the potential smaller binder. The spacing is quite narrow though.

    I do not purchase inserts because many formats are outdated. There are sources that will create a layout with exact specifications like titles on sections. It is fine if one accepts the titles for the whole year. I prefer more flexibility.

  8. Extra inserts, paper, and the like are kept in 2 shoe boxes. One box holds personal size, the other holds A5 size. The 2 binders I do not use, a black leather Coach planner from 1991 & a fluro pink Filofax (big mistake buying that color), sit a shelf at my home desk.

    The Coach planner holds recipes and outdated weekly menus that I use as reference. My Big Mistake Fluro holds gaming notes and character sheets for World of Warcraft.