26 April 2016

Web Finds - 26 April 2016

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Filofax Personal Domino Flip Through - Preteen Planner 
  2. Deep Purple: Filofax, Gillio, Van der Spek review - Melania Scalfaro
  3. Filofax Update-Finsbury in Raspberry Personal Size - Carmelita Lubrano
  4. How i organize my planner - Set up filofax pocket ita - Giada Giungi
  5. Filofax plan with me.. April showers and sew much crafting - Milko Plans
  6. Filofax Domino Personal Setup - Simplyloved
  7. Erin Condren Hourly & Horizontal Inside Filofax A5 - Nadia Blush
  8. Filofax Set Up deutsch - DIY Welt 
  9. #PlannerDaVez: Filofax Butterflies - Depois Cafe
  10. Planner Review: Filofax Malden in personal size - Randompastimes
  11. Filofax Setup // Personal Ochre Malden // April 2016 - Missfilofax
  12. Filofax Setup // Personal Ochre Malden // Dutch/Nederlands - Knushield van het leven
  13. Storage for Small Stickers in a Pocket Filofax - Graciouspaperplanner
  • For tips on how to improve your videos, please see this post.  Also this video too Webfinds 
  • Your Filofax/Organiser Videos could appear in this list, just contact philofaxy at gmail dot com to be added to our monitoring list. 
My Week Posts
  1. My week #15 - She's Eclectic 
  2. My week #210 - Paper Lovestory
  3. My Week #16 - Polkadotparadiso
  4. My Week #16 In Review (2016) - Joanny White
  5. Plan with me #week 17 - Karen's Obsessions
  6. MTN WEEKLY 2016 #7 - Letters in November 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve! I put my new video on Filofax this weekend also, could you include it into the list please?


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