31 March 2016

A5 Ascot (take two)

I admit that sometimes I might be a little too keen to get rid of binders.
Maybe I'm a bit weird in that respect, but in the past it's been a way for me to enjoy some variety without owning too large a collection. I have owned a wonderful red A5 Ascot before, but sold it during a period when I'd decided that the A5 size wasn't for me.

I've since realised that it's always useful for me to own one A5, so I jumped at the chance to own another Ascot when I was offered one recently by the lovely Vanessa. In comparison to my previous one, it's a wonderful brown that reminds me of conkers due to the colour and the shine.

On the left hand side, there is a pen loop, full length zipped pocket, secretarial pocket, five credit card slots and a smaller slip pocket with 'Filofax A5/FSO Ascot made in the USA'.
On the right hand side, there is a slot for a notepad and another pen loop.

Like my previous one, this one has also had a visit to a local cobblers shop as the right hand pen loop had come undone and the bottom of the secretarial pocket had also come unstuck.

When I collected it, he very kindly didn't charge me anything as he says that he charges by his hourly rate and it was just a couple of dabs of glue. Since taking this and more use, the glue at the bottom of the pocket has come unstuck again, but it's not getting any worse. If it does, I may return to ask if he could put some extra stitching over the area.

He wasn't sure if he'd be able to fix the pen loop as the surface was very hard due to a previous fix, but after he removed some of the old glue was able to.

I'm quite happy with the 25mm capacity rings as personal size is my main binder, so I don't feel the need for larger rings in A5.

And finally some extra shots to compare the croc print with my personal Dundee.


  1. This is such a beautiful binder Anita. I really like that left side constellation. No wonder you're such a fan of it. I would be too.

  2. The inside setup of your binder is the same as my Director, which came in a box that showed the inside pocket was designed to hold a floppy disk! I couldn't find one to take a photo but I guess a smaller smartphone with no case might fit.

  3. I think it's great that you've moved back to and have found your Ascot. Ascots are a thing of beauty and elegance. I am thankful I have it in blue.