30 November 2016

Philofaxy Meet Up - London - November 2016

This last weekend I was in London for another Philofaxy meet up. It is a year since the last one in UK.

It was great to see some new people and a few of the old fans who have been before. We met at the usual restaurant close to Oxford Circus which is our long term favourite as it is easy to get to and there are some reasonable shops near by too.

We stayed in the restaurant for much longer than normal, but it was great because everyone got a chance to talk to everyone else and that is the main reason for these social occasions.

I was travelling light so I only had one organiser with me plus my leather samples case! But there were plenty of other organisers to look at and admire, some unusual less common ones too. Most brands were represented too Filofax, Van der Spek and Gillio and a couple of others.

After the meal we took a walk to Muji, Tiger and Paperchase. I was slightly disappointed that Paperchase didn't have the full range of their own inserts on sale, but not to worry.

Paperchase still had a separate display of some Filofax models and inserts up on the first floor. But of course Christmas decorations and gifts were the main items on sale! Paperchase have a wide range of pre-printed pads for tasks and shopping lists in A5 size that you could punch and use in an organiser easily.

Thank you to Jené for taking some additional pictures. I got talking too much!

Nia and Derek

Tim and Max

Karina, Karen and Lily


Nia, Rose, Jacqui, Emma

Thank you to everyone that came along on the day. I hope to be back in UK in early 2017 for another visit and meet up.


  1. It is nice to be able to see what some of my correspondents look like! It looks like a great time was had.

  2. Looks like a superb meet up (as meet ups always are!).

  3. Certainly a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks again to Steve for arranging it.
    I was speculating what the most suitable collective noun for such a gathering of enthusiasts would be.
    A ring would be quite good. Or perhaps a fold of Filofax fans?

    1. Other Collectives that could suit (and their current usage)
      Clutch (chickens)
      Meet (hounds)
      Party (jays)
      and while it is a different brand:
      Covey (grouses/partridges/quails)

      However, we really should coin our own. How about a Morton of Philofaxers?

    2. Yes that would work nicely Alan.

  4. Fantastic to see so many happy photos of kindred spirits

  5. I would also like a "Marshall" of inserts!