04 November 2016

Free For All Friday No 416 by Laurie

We are into November now which means the holidays are just around the corner, believe it or not!

How do you use your Filofax to help you organize the holidays? Do you have a designated section for cards and gifts lists, menu plans, and other preparations? Or do you have an entire binder designated for the holidays?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss/ ask anything ring-binder related!


  1. For me, I only start getting ready for Christmas from the 1st December onwards as we don't have a very big family. I keep two lined sheets of paper in my Projects section - one for gifts & the other for cards to be written. We normally visit relatives on Christmas day, so any food we might contribute is added to my normal Errands list.

  2. Likewise I will not be thinking much about Christmas before December, but I will be using my planner to put in key dates like last posting dates etc so that cards are written and posted promptly. Although we don't send that many cards these days, with so many of our friends on Facebook!

    We will also be planning various video calls on Christmas day with friends and family as we are likely to be just the two of us here in France this year.

  3. I have all different sorts of lists to keep me organised in a section at the back of my planner. Listso for presents and cards, food shopping even a Christmas eve list so I'm not rushing round