23 November 2016

Goals and Achievements Record

We have mentioned Goals and Achievements many times in the Podcast, but the main idea for this insert came from Rose during our recent monthly Philofaxy Skype chat.

So I've created a simple insert that will help you record your monthly goals and achievements on a monthly basis with spaces for 3 or 5 years.

I'm sure this will help you in your career reviews and your own personal development.

It is also available as an Personal size insert but with just 3 years per month.

I'm making the files available in Word and PDF format. There's no complicated merging to do if you want to update your own version just edit the Word file to suit your own requirements/tastes. 
The A5 size can be 'Booklet Printed' on A4 paper, or scaled by 70% on to A5 paper. The Personal size can be printed on personal size paper.  For more information on printing please see this previous post.

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