30 November 2016

The New Van der Spek Touch Me Range Has Arrived!

Petra Van der Spek was proud to announce today that the new Touch Me range of organisers are now available on the VdS Shop website.

To the keen eyes amongst you there are some improvements to the design:

  • Better leather has been used across the whole range
  • On the Junior size (FF Pocket) they now have 20 mm rings fitted 
  • On the Senior (A6), Standard (Personal) and Manager (A5) they now all come with two pen loops as standard. 
  • Ring sizes on these sizes haven't changed: Senior (A6) 20mm or 25mm, Standard (Personal) 25mm or 30mm and Manager (A5) 35mm. All using Krause rings of course. 
Here are the leathers the Touch Me range are available in. 

L-R: Noir(Black), Gris-Blue, Blue de France, Tabac, Menthe
The Touch Me organisers are great value for money with a wonderful interior layout which includes a full width back pocket, plenty of pockets and secretarial pocket too and a zipped pocket as well. 

The Touch Me Nomad Travellers Notebook covers and Touch Me Writing Cases will also be available on the website soon. 

Full details of the range is now on the Van der Spek website


  1. I've just taken delivery of a custom binder in the gris-blue leather, and it's quite a work of art. Certainly warrants a recommendation.

    1. Mr Marshall I'm sure would love to see a guest post on your new acquisition 😀

    2. Yes - I have that idea in mind Steve!