11 November 2016

Free for All Friday No. 417 by Nan

We've got some holidays coming up, and no matter your culture or tradition, holidays always seem to involve eating and cooking!

Do you use an organizer to plan holiday meals, write shopping lists, keep decorating ideas, or store recipes?

Of course today is Friday so you are more than welcome to discuss anything organizer related. Have a great weekend!


  1. Morning everyone. Here's a simple question. Do you take out sheets from your Filofax to write on and then reinsert or do you write directly? Obviously right handed people would find that it's difficult to write on the left hand sheet because of the rings, and vice versa for left handers. I assume it's trickier when using the smaller formats, Mini, Pocket and possibly even Personal? I do use some "landscape" sheets and there's no problem with those.

  2. Morning, Steve.
    I do sometimes take the sheets out & do this:

    However, more often than not nowadays I just keep them in as it's quicker & less of a faff.

  3. Good Morning everyone, the short answer is yes, especially if it's more than a 2 word entry. Since to do lists get thrown away when they're done, I slit the holes so I don't have to deal with the rings.

  4. I generally keep the paper in the rings when I write. As a righthanded person, I've trained myself to write on the left page.

  5. I use a cover with pockets instead of my Franklin pocket binder because I prefer a product without rings. I trimmed the pages of a bound notebook for the cover with a Fiskars product because the employee of a store stated that cutting them is not one of their functions. The notebook has sheets of 7 mm. ruled lines and remains open even without pressure on the paper.

    I draw my weekly format on the pages of the notebook. I do not print the format because I do not want to bind many sheets. I like writing on the entire space of all lines.

  6. Since becoming a convert to using smaller rings !!! I've found that they don't get in the way so much! The Heritage with just 16mm rings in an A5 is joy to use, the pages turn easier too.

  7. Anyone own both an A5 Calipso and an A5 Original? Which is lighter?

    And to answer Nan's question, I keep an entirely separate Avery Junior binder of my "hostess" plans, RSVPs, recipes, menu and shopping lists. It also contains my go-to recipes for when I need to bring food to an event.

  8. I saw an own-brand organiser in Wilko, amongst the diaries, for £4. Looks to be standard Filofax personal size. Maybe worth it for the paper, and you could use the binder to archive a diary, but I doubt it would last out a year of active use.