17 May 2017

Tell us about...... 8

Are you familiar with 'Desert Island Discs' ? It is a long running radio programme on BBC Radio 4.  'Castaways' have to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island, whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices

This week I would like to do our own version called 'Desert Island Organisers' !

If you were 'castaway' what eight organisers would you permit yourself to take with you and why?

Please tell us in the comments below.


  1. I'd take one each of a Filofax A5, Personal, Slimline (Personal Slim) and Pocket. Never mind which models, but at least one would have a zip closure. I would also pack a VdS A6 as well as a Midori Traveller's Notebook (probably Passport), another cover to hold Moleskine size inserts and a Pocket Flex by Filofax for comparison. That's 8 already!

    I would pass the time, switching every few days (or weeks) between the different sizes, layouts and formats, trying - in vain - to find the optimum organiser set-up (what some call 'planner peace').

    I would eventually meet 'man/woman Friday', who had also been stranded and had their own collection of organisers. We would set-up a discussion group to compare experiences, before being rescued - just as we were running out of blank inserts!

  2. I would use my 5CLF1/2 to plan on how not to be castaway in the first place.

  3. While I expect many readers here will find the concept appealing, one would need to own quite a lot more organisers than is probably average in order for it to represent a meaningful challenge!
    I certainly meet that condition, so here is my list:
    - 4CLF 7/8 BK (black calf Winchester)
    - 3CL BK (black calf slimline)
    - DHLF 7/8 BN (brown hide duplex)
    - 10CLFJ BY (burgundy Balmoral trifold)
    - 0PL 7/8 (pigskin binder without pockets)
    - 2HL 7/8 BN (brown hide two pocket binder)
    - 2CLF 7/8 DF BK (black original 6-ring Deskfax)
    - 6CL 1/2 BN (brown calf compact Gloucester)

    I've been using the first two daily from new, while the others represent, for me, examples of most of the finest organisers from the golden era of Filofax.
    If I could only take one it would have to be the old faithful Winchester.

    1. ...and I would visit Max regularly to admire his collection!

    2. You'd be most welcome to come over for a coconut milk Alan.

  4. My DayTimer Malibu personal size in rose gold (for no other reason than it's pretty); my Franken-Flex (DIY planner I made); and my traveler's notebooks (I'm sorry if I broke Philofaxy rules, but it's the truth).

  5. As a castaway, I assume I would pass the time by attempting to write one of the books bouncing around in my head. To me, the perfect writing size is A5. Which one(s)? Despite the pedigree of the York and the Sandhurst, I would probably settle on a Kendal.

    My main planner is always a Slimline personal, but which one? I suppose the one I go back to the most is my Kensington. It is soft and supple and has a good layout with sufficient pockets. My capture binder is a Guildford Extra Slim pocket, which I would definitely need.

    My master planner is a Deskfax, and while I use a York currently, I would probably choose a Statesman in black. I like to pair it with a burgundy large-ring Winchester.

    The most beautiful leather I've ever seen in a Filofax was the exterior trim and internal leather of the Dorchester, so that would come along.

    That leaves two and I would turn to more recent models, both A5: A Red Flex (I have not put rings in this yet, but I will.) I want a slim, compact binder to hold A5 writing paper. My last would be a black Holborn A5, giving me a size option between the A5 Flex and the A5 Kendal.

  6. Just my A5 full of blank paper, a pencil, a Sharpie pen, and a year calendar. Wouldn't want to be in the dark about which day it is.

  7. Eight? I'll take eight Personal Classic Crocs in Indigo, or eight Personal Ascots in Blue.

    I might make an exception for my B5 Deskfax Sandhurst, which I use as my performing songbook.

    The only drawback to Personal for me is that it doesn't fit in an evening bag, and I am not willing to drop down to Pocket.

    In fact, if I had my way, instead of 95x171 Personal, I'd have 125x176 B6 as my preferred size, if I can't stick it in an evening bag. A5 is just too large for daily use, for me. I carried A5 for 20 years, but it's Personal or B6 for me, from now on.