12 May 2017

Free For All Friday No. 443 by Anita

I recently had a lovely week's holiday by myself in Cyprus and as usual, my Filofax was the perfect travel companion. The Winchester's internal layout isn't quite as perfect as some for use as a wallet, so I just added my plastic pencil case for holding important items like my passport, boarding pass, credit card and cash.

My binders have now visited various places in the UK, Iceland, Malaysia, Greece and now Cyprus.

Which is your favourite binder to take when you're away from home?

You can of course also ask any questions, or discuss anything organiser related. Have a great weekend.


  1. My official travel Filofax is a slimline Kensington - an unusually recent model for me, as I tend to stick to pre-1990 ones normally. The credit card pockets are quite handy, but it is showing some wear.
    One other I like to have on holiday is a pigskin Winchester 1/2" wallet. Always looks good on a hotel desk with a nice pen beside it.

  2. For business travel I am going for my a5 Kendal, which doubles as a conference folder with my a4 notes punched in at the narrow side and folded in. But for private travel I try do recuce weight and luggage space and not raise too much attention to my valuables - so I would use either an a5 clipbook (with zipped plastic inserts for documents) or a personal domino.

  3. I carry a slimline as my wallet, and when I travel it is a Holborn. I also carry an A5 with various documents like insurance papers, detailed itineraries, etc., usually with an A5 notebook (Fabriano or Muji) inside the cover. Last time the A5 was a Finsbury but next time it will either be a Holborn or a slimline A5s I will be crafting from an A5 Flex.

  4. I've tried several, but always seem to come back to my Holborn Slimline for travel. It has 10 pockets plus I add a zip pouch and a card holder to hold a further 6 cards. I also fitted an elasticated closure which helps secure the contents and is useful for slipping tickets/ passes etc.

    A6 would be a good size as one could reduce maps and plans from A4 on a photocopier. However, I can't justify investing in yet another size!

  5. Malden pocket zip works for me when travelling. I have sections for itinerary, journal, information & packing list. I have Word files to print custom sheets for all these on plain 3x5 inch Tomoe River paper.
    The binder has a few pockets inside for cards and an internal zipped pocket.
    Outside has an open slot/pocket which will fit a passport.
    Has elastic pen loop inside which holds a Kaweco Lilliput fountain pen (which never seems to leak on planes. Not once - yet anyway).
    Not really that well made though, just had to have the stitching repaired at one point on the exterior.
    Key things that I value are 1) size (I don't need personal size) and 2) zipped so less chance of losing contents.


  6. For me it is situational. I just returned from a professional conference in Las Vegas. Although I didn't want the weight of my A5 work planner (it's a FF Original), I did feel the personal was too small for the notes I wanted to take. The A5 worked beautifully. Conferences are not the norm for me, and at all other times I carry my FF Personal (also an Original). It's gone camping, to the beach, been dropped, had a drink spilled on it, and has enjoyed many a night out on the town. I like leather goods. I like my things to look nice. Although I keep my leather planners and totes clean and conditioned, sometimes things happen. I am not going to freak out about it. They are meant to be used.

    The Originals work for me because they are clean and simple. I actually quite like the card slits and use my personal as a wallet.

    Front top slit is my military spouse ID. Bottom front is my money card. The elastic band in the front is used to hold my work CAC card. I keep my driver's license in a FF business card holder along with my Costco card. I don't use other cards. Money is kept in a FF top loading envelope. Ready to travel!