11 May 2017

Undated Diary Inserts

During our normal weeks I'm sure you have all found a diary insert that suits your needs perfectly.... no... ok may be only me then !

I jest... I know finding the right diary insert is a one of those holy grail things we all aim for.

However, not all weeks are the same are they, we get busy weeks and quiet weeks. Very busy days and quiet days.

Now the quiet ones are ones you can relax and recover on.... it is the busy days that we need our planners to be turned up to eleven to make sure we don't miss anything, to relieve our memories from having to remember lots of small details.

This is when I find un-dated diary pages come in handy, an extra page you can slip in to the week to cover those busy days with more space to cover the additional load and to help you get through the busy peak periods.

So we can help you with undated pages. There are some already in the Files page here on Philofaxy:

A5 inserts:
Personal inserts:
If you are already using some of the Philofaxy diary inserts, and you want a page that matches your existing one, you could of course pick out the days to print from the full year. 

I find these undated daily pages useful to mix with my existing weekly view for days such as last week when I was travelling. 

I hope you find them useful. 


  1. Is there any chance of doing templates of these for Open Office or Libre Office?

    1. They should work as they are as there are no codes in them. Have you tried them in Open Office?

  2. Does any one know what 3 ring planners are? are they classic Portable is 6 ring small I got 7 ring planner as well. thanks I got no clue what A5 is and B5 etc Thanks I am looking to do pages for 3 ring planner and 7 ring

    1. 3 rings planners are normally US Letter Page size 280x216mm in size.
      Classic is 216x140mm which is half US letter size.

      A5 and B5 are ISO216 (International Standards Organisation) sizes used throughout the world.
      A5 is 210x148mm B5 is 250x176mm ISO page sizes are all in the same proportions 1:1.4142 or the square root of 2 for the maths inclined.

      Full details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size