28 May 2017

Filofax 2017 - New Finsbury colour

Filofax have released a new Finsbury colour for 2017, Aqua-Blue and it is available in Pocket, Personal, A5 and A4 sizes.

The Filofax Finsbury is a popular model it has been around 2003-4 possibly a year or two earlier than that. It isn't full leather there is some textiles used on the interior, but it is great value for money.

Over the years the Filofax Finsbury has come out in a true spectrum of colours, some similar to each other of course, but there's nearly always been something for most tastes.

The new Aqua Blue Finsbury is available now at Filofax UK and other Filofax retailers.


  1. Finsbury is my favourite Filofax. I have a black zipped Finsbury, which was my first A5 in probably about 2003-04. I have a slimline personal black one and a cherry A5 too. I like the feel and look of the Finsbury very much.

  2. Drooling! I love the bright happy blue!

  3. I just purchased a aqua in a5 but i really hope the pictures on the Filofaxusa are true to the actual planner. Pictures show the back pad panel as full leather and that the liner is the same aqua as the leather. But I saw one being sold on ebay and it had a black liner throughout and the pad pocket was made of fabric like the previous models. Well I guess I will know in about a week but I really was hoping the planner comes as the pictures on their website show!!

  4. I have the red one in personal and love it. This blue one is stunning!

  5. I received my Finsbury aqua blue in A5 and it exceeded my expectations!! The color is gorgeous!! I also have a Malden pocket in kingfisher blue and the dark blue dots on the Finsbury match it almost perfectly with a lighter blue back ground. I think I actually like the Finsbury better because of the two tone textured leather. But I love them both. The back pad pocket is a leather pocket as well. A upgrade from the previous Finsbury models which were fabric. Filofax did this design perfectly.

  6. This is such a helpful post and comments. I have been trying to choose between the Malden Kingfisher and the Finsbury Aqua. I will be using A5 in work and pocket size as a wallet.
    To anyone who has both, do they wear differently?
    Also as neither has a mini ( as discontinued size) do you know of a prior mini that complements these colours?