18 May 2017

Paperchase Organiser Inserts

Paperchase have been selling their own brand ring bound organisers and inserts for a couple of years now.

During the recent Philofaxy meet up in London I had a look around their large store in Tottenham Court Road, it's a massive store covering three floors. If you have never been to the store it is well worth a visit, there are sofas and a coffee shop to relax in mid-stationery-shop !

So I picked up some packs of their own inserts in A5 to try out. They also do Pocket and Personal size inserts too. To see the full range visit their site here.

They didn't have all of the inserts in stock, but I got most of them. They also had diary inserts for 2017/18 as well in all three sizes.

First off here is the shopping list, it is repeated identically on the reverse side too.

This is their Budget Planner, this is the front of the page, a simple layout

And the reverse side of the Budget Planner for noting down the various accounts you might have.

This is the Meeting Notes insert, it is the same both sides. I will use this not just for face to face meetings, as I do quite a few video conference calls and it will be useful for notes of those 'virtual' meetings.

A very simple To Do List, again the same on the reverse.

They also do packs of ruled paper in blue, yellow and white.

In terms of paper quality, I wasn't expecting top quality 100% fountain pen friendly acid free paper. But I think the inserts are very good value for money with 50 sheets per pack, the packs I bought  vary in price between £2.50 to £2.75 per pack of 50 sheets in A5. Pocket and Personal sizes are cheaper. They are great for every day usage and I will be certainly putting them to good use.

However, I did a quick pen test for you to see for yourself what the paper is like.

The paper I would estimate is about 70gsm, so you can see the writing the on the other-side of the sheet. But only the Cross fountain pen is showing faint signs of bleed through where I have paused and there is more ink than in other parts. The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen which is my preferred pen these days doesn't show any bleed-through. And the Uniball rollerball which is my normal 'planner pen' works just fine.

You can find the full range of Paperchase inserts on their website.

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  1. hi
    I am continually disappointed by the quality of paper being used for inserts.
    There has been ahuge growth in fountain pen use over the past few years and yet so many brands think it OK to sell paper that bleeds.