19 May 2017

Free For All Friday No 444 by Laurie

Recently I had to look up something in my old Filofax pages. I keep my pages archived forever, in storage binders with the year labeled on the spine. I needed to find information from a couple of different years, and had no problem finding what I needed. 

It was fun to see what else I'd kept in my storage binders: things from that year like newspaper clippings, notes on whatever was going on in my life (lists of books and websites about Russia to look at because I was moving to Moscow that year), contact information from people I'm no longer in contact with, and other little details.

Do you archive your diary pages? What else do you keep with your archived pages?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss/ ask anything ring-binder related!


  1. while I don't use a filofax, I do keep my old journals and calendars/planners and look at them from time to time. It's great to be able to tell my grown children, "no, this is when it happened" and be able to pull out information on it!

  2. This is interesting because for me the appeal of a loose leaf system is that I do not need to keep a record of the past when I kept bound notebooks and diaries for reference information, I always found them weighing heavy on my mind, because when I had to find something in them, I always thought "gosh, 2 years on and I still didn't get this done", or "that was the week when my father died" or an old calculation on how to stretch 5 Euro to provide food for the weekend, when I was very stretched financially. With my binders now I make a point of only keeping the calendar pages of days that I really want (!) to remember - so now that has become a pleaseant experience. As for other pages: Either I need them, then they are in once of the binders that I use- or I don't and then I let them go.

  3. I have just about all of my planner diary inserts saved. I have a binder clips securing all but my 2016 pocket inserts. With those, I used those ring fasteners to loop through the holes. I had also started to use them more than just appointments and tasks, but rather as a true diary of my day. I kept my daily pages on plain paper looped with them, miscellaneous post-its with cryptic notes on them, boarding passes when I went to visit my parents, interesting postage stamps, blurbs about something significant that happened that day written in blue so it stood out (everything else is in black)

    The oldest set of inserts I have are from 1996 - the year I got married. When hub and I went out to dinner for our anniversary two years ago, I brought the inserts along. Thought it would be nice to go through them over coffee and dessert and see all the plans I made, appointments, fittings, deadlines, etc. There was a large gap in between 1996 and 2010 - which is my next oldest set of inserts. Not sure what I had done or used in between. I have 2011 through present after that along with notebooks I used for bullet journaling when I briefly toyed with that, but eventually got pulled back to rings - where I belong!