08 June 2017

Tell us about...... 10

One of the most frequent questions I see asked is about caring for the leather of your organiser/planner.

To clean/treat or not to clean? 

There have been people that have used hand creams on their organisers, this seems to have stopped after people noticed that there are additives in hand cream that aren't always good for leather products. 

Personally I prefer a natural beeswax type product, but used sparingly and not very often. 

So do you clean or treat your organiser or not? If you do what do you use? 

Tell us in the comments below. 


  1. I've never had any problems with hand cream. I apply it fairly liberally to a dried out organiser and then place it in a sealed plastic/sandwich bag overnight.

    For quick day-to-day maintenance, I use the inside of a banana skin. This may sound bizarre, but it seems to nourish the leather which can then be buffed with a soft cloth to give a gentle shine.

  2. I have a pocket Malden I've been using for a year and a half and never treated it. It's heavily used, in and out of my purse many times a day, tossed about around zippers and freshly manicured nails! It has few scratches, but they are barely noticeable, yet don't mind them. They add character. Twice my bag fell open during a rain storm and, of course, my Malden was laying right on top. Was covered in water splotches, but they had disappeared within hours without any lasting marks.

    Maybe other leathers require more preventive care, but so far, my Malden is one tough little bugger!

  3. Is neutral shoe polish the same as natural beeswax? If you hadn't brought it up, that's what I would use for my recent Van der Spek touch purchase.