24 July 2017

William Hannah Discbound Notebook/Planner - Update

It has been over a year since I did my initial review of the William Hannah A5 leather disc-bound notebook/planner.

A lot has happened since then, David Round (Owner of WH) has continued to work hard in developing the product and the brand in general.

In May 2016 we created a small but friendly Facebook user group for William Hannah. It has about 170 members, it has grown slowly in the last year with people doing the usual thing of sharing photos and asking questions etc.

David does the occasional live video to the group to bring us updates and show off new leather colours. Whilst these are live events, you can watch them at a later date if you missed them which is good.

I've recently ordered a paper punch that will work with this type of book, in my search for a suitable punch I discovered a few different types available. As with all punches it pays to do your research because of prices and availability can vary where ever you are in the world. (see the links at the end of this post)

My punch should be with me in the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to creating some of my own inserts for my WH notebook to try it out in different ways.

Other interesting news is that William Hannah is going to launch an A6 version of the William Hannah Notebook. The A6 model will have 6 discs compared to 8 discs on the A5, they will be the same diameter and the same spacing as the A5 model.

Once again there will be a selection of leather colour combinations available as 'off the shelf' models and like the A5 you will also be able to order bespoke combinations as well.

Look out for news on this new product on the William Hannah website, address below.

Like the A5 you will be able to order from William Hannah a selection of high quality paper packs in different styles for the A6 in the same way you can for the A5.

The paper supplied by William Hannah is of exceptional quality, no surprise really as David is a fountain pen fan!
The punches I found: 


  1. Are you going to create some inserts for these notebooks like you have done for Filofax?

    1. Not specifically just for the notebook. The existing A5 files will work, but instead of punching holes we can punch the slots in them.

      What I want to try out is punching both holes and slots, so the pages are interchangeable between a Filofax A5 and the WH A5

    2. Steve, I currently do switch between my disc bound notebook (junior size) and my A5 Filofax. All my inbox notes are done in my disc bound Levenger leather notebook with ARC paper. Project related note papers are then hole punched to fit in my A5 Malden. I slightly trim my ARC paper before using it, so later if/when when I transfer it to the Filofax it matches the A5 length.

  2. I have one of the A5 notebooks, and am very pleased with the quality. David's customer service also seems good. But I admit to unsubbing from the Facebook group, as I don't have the time or the inclination to sit through video announcements - particularly when they're not followed up by normal posts confirming what's on the way! That seems to me to be missing a trick.

    1. Have you subscribed to the email news letter? These are also added to the group, and come out about once every 3-4 months with details of new items etc.

    2. Yes, I get the email newsletter. But I'd like to see quicker confirmation on social media - the headlines of the video, if you like. I commented to this effect on the FB page, but never got a response from David. To be honest, it's put me off somewhat buying the A6 - there are plenty of other sellers who do respond to comments in a timely manner.

    3. Thanks for your update, Steve.

      I've been intrigued with the WH system since you first reviewed it. Might order one at some point...

      I've got the Levenger version in two sizes with nice leather covers from some years ago. So, appreciate the flexibility of this type of system.

      Wish this and other user groups were not on FB, as I am not for various reasons, a member of FB. So, missing out on this and other such groups. Oh well...

  3. The hole punch for the happy planner is spaced the same and works with the william hannah notebooks. You just have to space it right and miss out the 9th punch. It's the cheapest punch I've found that is compatible. It retails around £30 On amazon