28 July 2017

Free For All Friday - No. 454 by Steve

Yesterday I started planning another London Meet Up. Most probably at the end of September.

I really enjoy these events meeting up with other planner users and Philofaxy readers. They are quite relaxed events, so there is no need to worry about meeting other people and having to explain why you are a paper planner user... we all know!

So today (Friday) I will be checking flight details and hotels etc. So look out for an announcement next week.

Meanwhile it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything planner related, ask questions and so on.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi all,I have two pictures with planners and I can not identify what planners they are, can anybody help me with it? Thanks in advance :-)
    #1 https://unsplash.com/search/plan?photo=aOYA7D3fse8
    #2 https://unsplash.com/search/meeting?photo=CabUqKlvKX0

  2. Great news about the meet up as I think it's about time that I attended another one.

    Nikky - I think it's a bit hard to tell as there's not much of either planner showing. Do you have any other photos that show the outside of them?

  3. Does anyone know what material is physically inside the covers of the leather A5 Classics? My wife thinks it is a very stiff cardboard and thus her soaked A5 (from water and smoke damage from a fire that destroyed our home) may not be recoverable. I couldn't find an answer via Google (may not have used right search terms). I may well contact Filofax directly and ask. Thanks!

    1. Yes it's likely to be carton/cardboard depending on what your native language is. That will have expanded if it was soaked for some time I would guess.

      Later organisers use a thin plastic as a stiffener. Some just a polyester mesh material to stop the leather from rubbing and creaking.

      Some use a man-made leather board product called Bontex this is very flexible and comes in a variety of thicknesses