14 July 2017

Free For All Friday No. 452 by Laurie

One of the things I love about using a Filofax binder is I can change the type of weekly pages I use as often as I want. I'm constantly looking for a page layout that will be the perfect balance of space for each day plus my task lists. I've bought pre-printed pages, designed my own and printed at home, and used custom pages. I looked through my storage binder from last year and discovered I used 9 different types of weekly pages throughout the year!

In case you were wondering, I didn't re-write all of my dates and events all year! I use monthly pages for all forward planning and only fill in my weekly pages one month in advance, so the most I ever have to re-write is a couple of weeks.

How often do you change the type of diary/ planner pages you use?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/or ask anything ring-binder related!

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  1. I designed several layouts this year and chose the weekly one. I draw it on grid sheets because I do not want to print and cut sheets. I conceived a yearly format after the weekly one but I am not relying on it. Too many months of the year passed at the time of formulation.

    Some changes are the discontinuation of devising more inserts and trimming paper for binders or other products. I am not interested in certain sedentary tasks of paper. I assemble the exact set of pages without cutting paper. I envisioned a product for post it notes. I will construct it soon so that I can use it on the pages of my insert.