17 July 2017

Mini Size Organisers

I see quite a few people using Mini size organisers on Facebook and Instagram.

It is not a size I think I could practically use as an every day planner, but some manage it! Going down to Pocket size I think would be about as small as I would want to go.

Filofax stopped selling Mini size organisers a couple of years ago, they still sell the inserts though, which is ok I guess. There must be plenty of organisers available on places like Ebay and other on-line sites to enable people to be able to buy a Filofax organiser in that size.

I only have one Mini, a Filofax Malden, I previously had a red Finchley Mini, I also have a couple of M2's which are similar page size to the Mini but landscape and only 3 rings!

The Mini uses paper that is 67 x 105mm although some makers do vary the page size within a  centimetre of that size, so check the size of inserts before you buy them.

I have used the Malden Mini as a notebook, and used A7 size paper in it which is a few millimetres wider than Filofax Mini size.

Filofax Mini Malden
The Mini next to a Pocket for size comparison!

So what do you do if you can't find a used Mini organiser? Well there are a few other manufacturers that still sell that size new.

Gillio offer the following models in Mini size: Amica, Compagna and the Mia Cara. They all come with 12mm rings. The Mia Cara overall about the size of a pocket size compagna!

The 12 mm rings are the ones I've mentioned before that are only held in with small metal tabs at each end of the ring mechanism. Prices are between €125-€224 plus VAT if you are in Europe.

All three Gillio models use the same ring spacing as Filofax Mini, which of course is an advantage.

Succes offer their own range of Mini size organisers and inserts.

However you should be aware that the ring spacing on the Succes organisers is not the same as Filofax Mini organisers.

This drawing shows the difference.

Fortunately there is a punch available from this site. Although there is a slightly cheaper solution on Amazon with this punch below.

The punch blocks on this punch are adjustable so you can easily reset them to the required spacing. I bought this punch myself for use with a Deskfax and wrote about it here.

Unlike the Deskfax using this punch with the Succes/Van der Spek Mini, doesn't need the punch to be modified, you just set the punch blocks to the correct setting as shown above and you will be able to use it. And you can use this punch for all sizes up to A5, by just adjusting the positioning of the punch blocks.

Van der Spek.
Van der Spek also offer their Custom range with the same ring spacing as Succes, so they can use their inserts and the same punch I have highlighted from Amazon.

Being part of the Van der Spek Custom range of course means a large range of leathers and you can add various options such as a second pen loop and a full width back pocket as well if you wish.

They are available with 15mm rings. The attachment method of the rings is the same as the others in the Van der Spek range, so they are both strong and secure.

Prices of the Van der Spek Mini start at a very reasonable €99 plus VAT if you are inside Europe.

I'm sure there are other brands around selling Mini size organisers still. But these are just a selection of what is available.

My first Mini a Finchley
If you have any additional questions please post them in the comments below.


  1. Well I love the Mini size, but it's only practical if you don't have lots to do, although, as you say some manage well. HP in Switzerland was featured on here as was Vanilla Folders and they use nothing but. I get inspired by those folks from time to time into enjoying a Mini again, but I inevitably go back to a Pocket size.

  2. I just manage in a pocket size (with visions of upsizing to personal when I crave more room!) The mini looks perfect to be a credit/rewards card holder/wallet combo or random notes and lists.

  3. I have an ochre mini Malden which I only use occasionally, usually when heading for the countryside. It's mostly a notebook with a year planner and some telephone numbers. I got it second hand for £7 a few years ago and it's been well worth it.

  4. I use mine on holidays, i use it for metro tickets and jotting down routes and phrases.

  5. Does anyone know what other hole punchers will work with the VDS and Success binders? I have the pink Rapesco 6 hole punch. Would that work? Also, it looks like the Gillio Amica mini only comes in two colors?

    1. Hi
      No I don't think the Rapesco will work because the spacing is different, there might be some way of doing it with two of the 6 punches, twice and then a single hole punch for the middle hole. Not ideal.

      I've also seen this punch:


      It has adjustable punches. You can also get disc punches too. And if you are based in the USA it will be a better option.

  6. I have a few mini FFs, but do use one as a holder of index cards on the go. No one is set-up as a calender/organiser for the real estate is too tiny for my liking.

  7. Some years ago, I used to use a mini as a combined wallet & diary. Whilst I loved the portability & having them both together, eventually I sold it though as the page size was too small & the zipped pocket was too fiddly for getting coins out. If I ever return to that set up, I think I'd go for a pocket Malden now due to the bigger rings & zipped pocket at the front. I admit that I've considered buying another mini to use to capture ideas, but decided that I really don't need another binder.

  8. I wish to watch a video about minisetup asa daily planner ( not just wallet). In the tears watching setups, I have never seen any

  9. Hi! I think the minis look adorable! I'm still on the hunt for one (my dream one is a mini malden!) to keep on my purse. I love my pocket malden.