23 July 2017

Future Podcast Topics

In case you have been wondering about the Podcast.... Karine is now back in the USA and we will soon be getting started again on regular episodes.

So what would you like us to talk about? We are happy to discuss anything planner related, not just ring bound planners, any sort of paper planners and how you use them etc.

We have done 50 odd episodes already, nearly 60 if you count the ones we have done with other people or on our own.

We are sure there is plenty of scope for other topics we haven't yet covered, or to revisit ones we have previously covered but may be revisit them from a different angle.

So please leave your ideas in the comments below and we will do our best to add them to our list for the coming weeks.

If you want to look at previous episodes please visit this link for the podcast episodes.


  1. A few of ideas:
    - What does an absolutely minimalist system look like?
    - Simplification of planning processes
    - Bound versus ring binder systems (when to use one over the other)

    I love the podcast, thank you for doing them, they must take up a lot of time. :)

  2. I would love to hear more about A-Time System from James Noon, Managing Time by Peter Green and even stories of well known characters in history that have used paper based organisers.

  3. More from people who DO NOT work at home that use a work planner: chaplains, military members, contractors, repair people....

  4. I am a technologist and carry much of my life in my iPhone and iPad. But I also have a love of personal organisers. A podcast on how we can combine and harmonise the use of technology, with a paper organiser, would interest me and hopefully others very much.

    1. Yes, that would be of great interest to me too. I'm running a hybrid system where my diary is electronic (iPhone / MacBook) but everything else is paper based - I'm sure there must be a more elegant method than the hotch-potch system I use!

  5. Passion Planner. It makes you accountable.

  6. Love the podcasts, please keep doing them. I would love to hear more guests and maybe have ray Blake back again? It would be great to hear more about the history of the filofax company as well.