16 July 2017

Are you on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? I've been using it fairly actively for the last 18 months or so. There are a lot of Philofaxy readers on there and lots of photos of organisers and planners of all types.

I endeavour to post at least once a week on Instagram. Quite often the photos I post will also be used on Philofaxy.

I always try to keep my posts within the niche of ring bound planners. I have another account for bound, travellers notebooks etc (@TN_Times).

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If you are on Instagram follow my account @MrPhilofaxy or leave a comment below so more people know who is who on Instagram.


  1. I am @mysummertouch on Instagram

  2. Already follow :). I'm @weekendwife

  3. I am @monikawrifht_iloveitall and @iloveitallshop

  4. Yes, I do follow you and many others. Even though I have alot of varied interests, it seems most of the people I follow on Instagram (and YouTube) are fellow planner nuts. I am @aimlessallee on all the social media sites.

  5. I'm @Emmashell1 on IG, but not all my pictures are about planners ! Some of them...