13 August 2017

My Daily/Weekly Planning Tools

I rediscovered this photograph from a few weeks ago. It is a snap shot in time of what my daily/weekly planning tools look like that I'm generally using these days.

Top left is my A5 reference organiser, showing some local maps salvaged from an old road atlas! I also keep a lot of other information pages in this organiser such as:

  • Address/Contacts pages
  • Information pages on various topics
  • Notes pages
  • Spare pages
  • Maps
  • Instruction sheets
I don't carry this A5 around with me, as it is generally too heavy and bulky, but it sits on my desk closed and to hand all the time. I transfer pages from it to my other A5 as and when I need them. 

Top Right is my A5 planning organiser. This only contains my 12 month week on two page planner using the Philofaxy Enhanced Time Manager insert and a Month on One Page blog planner, with a few notes pages between these two planners. Extra pages are added to this organiser as required. 

Some weeks are busy like the one shown, but most weeks I don't have that many appointments, my main need is to remind myself of various tasks to do that week. I use the reminders app on my Mac/iPhone for the routine daily/weekly reminders so as to not clog up my pages with those. 

This A5 does get carried around, it is quite light, and I keep all my daily/weekly requirements in it and other bits of paper such as prescriptions and official cards and paperwork. 

Bottom Left is my Van der Spek Nomad Travellers Notebook I have two of these, but this one is dedicated to the podcast (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse) I use it to put together notes for each episode or as shown future episodes, sometimes like this printed paper stuck in to the notebook. I have another Nomad which has three notebooks in it which I use for other projects. I find using notebooks for dedicated projects very productive because you can just sit down somewhere and quietly concentrate on that particular project.   

Bottom Right is my Quo Vadis Daily 21 diary/agenda that I use as a journal, it has lovely fountain pen friendly paper. I'm not a heavy journalling person, sometimes it's just key things I've done that day. I ignore the times on the page and just use it as a dated lined page. I've used this type for the last 4 years, it is very good, and I can just archive the whole book in December and start a new one on 1st January. 


  1. Love the post. Very nice to read how you use your planners and you planning system. Maybe a regular plan with me section ☺️??

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing! And, thanks for ALL the sharing you do....

  3. Great post. I loving seeing how other people use multiple planners to organize their life.

  4. Lovely post. Steve,enjoyed this sneak peek at your system. Where do birthdays and anniversaries go on your inserts I'm wondering, so that you don't miss them?

    1. I put those in to the planner at the start of the year and have them added to my print file before I print it along with UK and French public holidays. But I have electronic reminders a week before most birthdays because an alert on the day isn't much help if you need to get a present!

  5. Is that a van der Spek pen case in Tabac in the picture? If so, I have one just the same.

    1. Yes it is, matches the A5 Tabac organiser nicely.

  6. That's a nice pen holder Steve. My pens usually get shoved wherever.

    1. Yes it's a Van der Spek pen case, I use it to hold my two current fountain pens.

  7. Hi. Mr Morton or anyone else: I really like the content of the brown binder in the pic. The one with the days on the sheet to the left, and the tasks etc on the sheet to the right. Anyone know where to find this specific content, brand etc? Regards, Morten H. (Norway).

    1. Hi
      Yes you will find it here: https://philofaxy.blogspot.com/p/diary-inserts.html

      There are several versions of the layout:

      Week on two pages Enhanced TM
      Week on two pages Enhanced TM (5 line version)
      Week on two pages Enhanced TM with Journal
      Week on two pages Enhanced TM (5 line version) with Journal Preview
      Week on two pages Enhanced TM V3 (4 line version)
      Week on two pages Enhanced TM V3 (5 line version)

      The one in the photo is the first version.