23 August 2017

Gillio A6 Mia Cara/William Hannah A6 Notebook/planner

After completing the review of the new William Hannah A6 leather disc-bound notebook/planner last week I had a sudden idea spring in to my head that I had to try out...

Yes you guessed it, instead of the ring bound organiser of the Mia Cara, would the disc-bound William Hannah A6 notebook fit the outer jacket of the Mia Cara... in short yes!

And the colour match is quite good too.

It fits in perfectly. 

The William Hannah leather A6 notebook doesn't have any pockets so using it with the Mia Cara outer jacket is a way of solving that should you want pockets.

The disc-bound system is a lot more compact compared to the 23mm ring mechanism, this results in about a 15mm reduction in width compared to the Gillio organiser section, so the pen slot in the spine of the Gillio Mia Cara organiser section is still very useable with even more space than normal.

Thank you to Gillio Firenze for supplying the A6 Mia Cara, and to William Hannah Leather Notebooks for the A6 Notebook. 


1 comment:

  1. I want the flexibility of removing and adding pages to a notebook for my cover without rings or strings. I must construct such notebook for the tall pocket of my cover because one of a small size probably does not exist. It is nice that you can choose the product from your collection and place it in the Mia Cara.