09 August 2017

Guest Post – “The Rules” (1915) by gmax

Thank you to Max for this look back to Lefax over 100 years ago!

This oddly dictatorial leaf offers a glimpse into the early years of Lefax in the United States.

As far as I’ve been able to determine, Lefax then was involved in at least three broad areas of activity:
  • Publication and distribution of a loose-leaf system of technical data and stationery.
  • Standardisation, thought leadership and regulation in the fields of science, engineering, business and society.
  • Widespread collaboration across industry, business and academia to produce content for the above.
The leaf reproduced here is perhaps best thought of as a small piece of a jigsaw puzzle. I’m not sure exactly where it fits with the above picture, or even if that picture is fully accurate.

Of course this was over a hundred years ago, when war was raging in Europe, and what’s stated makes a lot of sense, but I’m glad we have the freedom now to use our organisers in a manner of our own choosing!   


  1. the original format for one book July?? ?

  2. A great snapshot in time - interesting to read these rules for employees of the Lefax organisation in regards to using their 'pocket book'.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow what a terrific find. I wonder what chaos was the norm in 1915 that created this craving for order. I do know that women did not have the right to vote yet here in the U.S. I think that must be part of it ha ha ha.

    1. What chaos in 1915?....

      How about World War I for chaos.....1914 - 1918

      16 Million people died.....

      Don't find that very humorous....

  4. Absolutely loved this post, which I have just caught up with. The rules are a brilliant insight into business life at the time. My introduction to organisers came via a visit to the Lefax shop in Covent Garden, London (now sadly bereft of any Filofax shop at all, although Kikki.K havreHavre just opened there), and I've always had find memories of both the store and the brand. Sadly missed.......