20 April 2018

Free for All Friday No. 492 by Nan

We talk a lot on social media about the organizer of our dreams - the elusive unicorn! But have you ever seen a Filofax in a dream?

I had a vivid nightmare a few years ago where I lost a Filofax and traveled far and wide to find it. But I couldn't get it back. If you ascribe meaning to dreams, I guess it means I was afraid of losing something.

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything related to ring-bound organizers (or dreams)!


  1. I haven't dreamed of a Filofax, but I did have dreams focusing on my planners. The only one I recall vividly was about my portable DayTimer Rose Gold Malibu.

  2. I use a pocket sized planner to record my dreams and dream meanings/interpretations. It is interesting to look back on my dreams,their interpretations, dreams themselves and my reflective thoughts at the time. I believe that the subconscious signals to us in our dream time. Haven't dreamed of a planner yet though!! xx

  3. I use my Gillio Compagna i had a Nightmare i was cruising in a corevette with the top off and off it went i woke up in a frenzy