12 April 2018

Single Ring Organisers

We are of course very familiar 3 ring organisers (M2), 4 ring organisers (A4) 6 ring organisers (Mini, Pocket, Personal, A6, A5) and 9 ring organisers (Deskfax) oh and not forgetting 7 ring organisers (US  brands!) and 5 ring Van der Spek Mini organisers.... did I miss any?

"What about single ring organisers?"

'Single ring organisers..... We are coming up for 13 years of Philofaxy and they have never been mentioned before...... are they new then?'

"No... they pre-date Philofaxy!"

Back in September 2004, Merlin Mann shared with the internet his ideas for a Hipster PDA there are lots of variations of these about on the internet. His initial versions of these use a binder clip to hold the pages/cards together. However, I have seen versions of these that use a single ring to hold the pages together.

I will let Joe Van Cleave explain his own set up in more detail in this video:

Thank you to Karine for sharing the link with me to Joe's channel last week, she did comment that Joe was my US counterpart... I'm not sure if that is a complement or not!
Template files exist for the HPDA on DiY Planner, the site where I cut my teeth on sharing Filofax inserts!
Have you ever tried the Hipster PDA? 


  1. Thanks for the interesting post :-) I always had bound pocked calendars before 2006 buying my first filofax (personal Finsbury) in Birmingham. Ever used a ring bound organiser since then but purchased a half-A7 index card product similar to the Hipster PDA system on which I organised my job interview questions. I picked this little stationary item up at WHSmith during my time in England and still own this One-Ring-Index card organiser, which is too small for my day to day planning needs but came in handy for the specific purpose I assigned it at the time/still good for learning new things like vocabulary or special concepts and terminology whilst on the go.

  2. I enjoyed watching that, thanks for sharing it. I use a one ring system with small index cards when I present at conferences, as my cue cards. But I have never used the concept as an organiser/diary.

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  4. USA version of Steve?! --> count me in ;p ;p