26 April 2018

Guest Post - Memories - Elizabeth

Thank you to Elizabeth for this Guest Post.

The blogpost about the Single Ring Organiser from Steve and the video from Joe Van Cleave brought back some memories. As a life time paper lover I was always interested in paper based solutions. Yes I love digital too and for planning, to do lists and the lot I did stray in the digital world for a while. Thus I forgot some of the very useable if not to say genius solutions out there. I am back to paper since a few years and loving it. But that is another story.

Back in the days, well not my early years of using paper, that was in the dark ages. It was probably around 2005/2006 when I did use a Hipster PDA as a cleaning schedule. I used smaller index cards with the horizontal lines. I bound them with a bulldog clip and rotated the cards as the tasks  were done. 

I remember trying several formats. Weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning, zone cleaning. In the end it didn’t work for me so I abandoned it. I don’t have the schedule any more off course but I do have some of those indexcards still laying around.

The video and browsing the sites of D*I*Y Planner and 43 Folders again made me think of another genius paper solution. My sister, also a paper lover, alerted me, around that same time I think, to the Pocketmod. This is a very small notebook folded from one sheet of paper. 

The Pocketmod website had some templates you could use to make a pdf. You printed the pdf and folded and cut it in a certain way. The folding was a bit confusing at first but when you managed the first one the next one was simple. I used it as a small notebook with a yearly view in front. I also used it as a training schedule/tracker. I loved the possibilities of the idea. 

To be honest I didn’t remember the name of the notebook. But on the D*I*Y planner website I found a link to with the name. It was “Pocketmod reboot". To my surprise it linked to a Kickstarter campaign which ended in March! They are building a new site with a new pocketmod application. Coincidence or not?

I am really sorry I missed that campaign, but will look for another way to make a donation. It will be so nice to use that pocketmod again. It is useful for a lot of things you need to remember and it is so small it doesn’t bulk up your planner. Oh those possibilities! 

Now that I have been thinking about it. If it was used with an A4 sheet, the size of the notebook is A7. But what if you print it on A3? If I am correct it would give an A6 size. For all the A6 lovers out there it can be an idea if you tweak the design. If I figure out how I will let you know.

Another surprise was that on the D*I*Y planner website there are some forum topics that are still active! I wonder if there is an overlap between the two planner communities?

Thank you Steve and Joe for making me rediscover the Hipster PDA, Pocketmod and the websites D*I*Y planner and 43-folders again. 

Thank you Elizabeth, it was the PocketMod that I was trying to remember when I wrote the 'Single Ring Organiser' post, but my memory was in need of an upgrade!. 

If you visit PocketMod you will need a browser with Flash enabled to be able to use it. But it does still function. I created a Pocket Mod as shown in the photos below. There are lots of 'pages' you can pick from and add. 

I created this example just as a test. 

I look forward to trying out the new website once it is fully launched. 

Who else has tried out the PocketMod?

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  1. Thanks for a great post, Elizabeth!
    I've been using PocketMod for years & meant to write about it further before I left Philofaxy. I don't always have my Filofax with me, so the PocketMod is perfect as a tool to capture ideas & I just slip it onto one of the front inside pockets to remind me to transfer any info into my lists: