09 May 2018

Facebook Groups 2018

There are a lot of Facebook Planner/Organiser Groups, too many! I'm not in all of them by any means, but here are a selection of those that I would recommend you considering joining.
  • Filofax for Philofaxers - For all users, collectors and appreciators of all Filofax and ring bound personal organisers from all eras.
    Please note people should not post items for sale on this group, all adverts go on to Ad-spot here on Philofaxy. There is also the Philofaxy FB page too.
  • Planner Spread Love - For members of Philofaxy who love washi tape, stickers, dividers and general prettiness. This group will run alongside the Philofaxy group, giving members the opportunity to show off their washi love without interrrupting the main group.
  • Philofaxy Meet Up Group - Mainly for UK meet ups, but people in other countries very welcome in this group. 
  • Van der Spek - for the fans and lovers of Van der Spek organisers.
  • Van der Spek Sales - For the sale of Van der Spek products, also if you are looking for a pre-owned Van der Spek
  • PlannerCon Europe - For all the news about PlannerCon Europe and for sharing photos of glitter you have found months after the event.... it was everywhere!
  • PlannerCon USA - For all news about PlannerCon USA
  • A5 Planners - Resources and Help - For all types of A5 planners and organisers
  • A5 Planners For Sale and Wanted
  • Vintage Filofax Users - Younger people welcome too! Vintage in terms of the organisers themselves! 
  • Using A6 Ringed Planners: Info & Resources - This is a friendly group, interested in all things to know and love about the A6 size planners!
  • Dodevoted Dodo Pad Users - The group for all Dodo-Pad users and admirers.
  • The Fraternal Order of Nine Rings - Discontinued Deskfaxes have made their ways into our hearts and homes. There is purpose for them today and request their reintroduction to the Filofax line of planner sizes.
  • Functional Planning - The group is devoted to those that are looking for FUNCTIONAL ideas for their planners or binders!!
  • Gillio Firenze Fan Group - For all the fans and lovers of Gillio organisers, please note that this group is not run by Gillio Firenze themselves. 
  • Gillio Market Place - For the sale of Gillio products also if you are looking for a pre-owned Gillio
  • Plannerology - The social group to the Plannerology page. Here we have planner planning discussions, point our fingers toward our noses and have fun knowing everything in our planner is figuroutable. This is also the home of one half of the HitchHiker's Guide To The Plannerverse. The Time-Space continuum allows for only one of the hosts to be present in taking up the same matter at the same time. Don't tell Steve I've stolen his Casio.
  • William Hannah User Group - For users of WH disc-bound notebook/planners
  • Steve Morton - Mr Philofaxy - Steve's own page!! 
All of the above groups are run by people from within the Philofaxy community, so you are assured you will be welcomed in any of them and you will see a lot of familiar names and faces from our blog post comments.

Please be sure to read the rules of the group before you post or comment and also answer all the questions when requesting to join a group. 

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  1. This is helpful. At one time I was looking to join a Facebook group but there were so many I got confused and didn't join any!