04 May 2018

Free For All Friday No 494 by Laurie

My kids will be out of school for the summer next month, and I'm looking forward to the less hectic schedule without after school activities and constantly changing schedules. Normally I use weekly schedule pages with timed days, but for the calmer days of summer I have put into my Filofax non-scheduled weekly pages with just open spaces for the days so I can use them for our minimalist plans and also as a small daily journal to record the fun things we do during the summer. When school's back in session this autumn I'll switch back to detailed timed schedule pages.

Do you change the types of planner pages you use during the year?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask/ discuss anything ring-binder planner related!


  1. Not unless I get frustrated with my inserts for specific reason. Don't have kids in school....I just work all year long....ugh.....


  2. Yes, I change my inserts during the summer. I prefer a weekly format during the summer and a daily (day on 2 pages) format the rest of the year.