25 May 2018

Free For All Friday No 497 by Laurie

Steve's recent post on buying and selling on Adspot got me thinking about my own Filofax buying and selling habits and how they have changed over the years.

Way back in the day when I had my first Filofax, I was loyal to it for a few years. Then other models started catching my eye: color, style, and eventually a larger size (Personal to A5). I went through a few years where I bought numerous Filofax organizers. Eventually I sold some, although I have kept the majority.

My purchasing has slowed down considerably in recent years, although I do purchase the occasional Filofax that catches my eye or, in the case of a recent Deskfax experiment, a binder in hopes of it being The One. (Jury's still out for those who are wondering its fate.)

What are your binder buying/ selling patterns? Are you loyal to your one and only? Have you been through a buying frenzy but have calmed down now? Do you rotate through your stock buying and selling regularly?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. I have bought many binders over the years & if I'd kept them all I'd have a pretty impressive collection now! However, I made a deal with myself that I sell one if I am getting a new one as I'm a bit of a minimalist at heart, plus it helps my bank account. I used to really enjoy the variety that all the buying/selling gave me, but eventually felt like I'd had enough & wanted to settle down. I've slowly been selling & am finally back down to just the one, my beloved red Winchester. Phew, I've been in the Winchester over a year now & have found my planner peace, so won't be buying any more :)

  2. Yes likewise my purchasing and adding to the collection has slowed considerably in the last couple of years. I've actually sold a few of my least favourite ones too and got good prices for them as well.

    I've had this self imposed restriction that 'the collection' can't expand beyond the one cupboard. So far I'm managing to keep it within that cupboard although there isn't a lot of air space in there !!!

  3. I started by searching for a replacement for my 25 year old Finsbury Slimline which was showing some signs of wear. Once I discovered the model was no longer made, I moved to here and AdSpot for an ISO, then Ebay.

    That lead to an interest in Deskfax and the search for the 9 hole punch. Finally got one and used it, then felt it was just too big to carry and I'm also not that busy that I need all that space. Since those purchases I'll get interested in some models and start searching for it. Let's see if I can list them, all Personal, Sherwood, Finsbury slimline black (2) Finsbury slimline caramel, finsbury slimline chestnut, Slimline Cuban, Kensington black, Holborn Ochre, Winchester 1/2 5CL in green, Winchester 6cl brown, Lefax Bloomsbury, Guildford pocket. Still a few I want to find - another Lefax Bloomsbury, Kensington slimline, and pocket. (Well, those are today's wish list!!!!)

  4. I designed my weekly format on the computer and printed it for my approximate A6 product with removable sheets. I will use my layout on removable sheets through the end of June. For the last five months of the year I will use the same weekly layout I printed on paper for a bound notebook. Since I like to write as much information of the day on one large space instead of a few notations of the day on the space of the day of numerous sets of pages I prefer the bound notebook. One can place many sheets of numerous dated inserts on the rings of a binder. If I wanted to utilize many sets of pages in a bound notebook trying to bind the high number of sheets with two staples would deter me from assembling the product.

    I can place the product with removable sheets or the bound notebook in the tall pocket of my leather cover with another tall pocket, some slots for cards and a pen loop. I do not purchase more binders, covers and paper for writing and the printer. I like to use the products I have and design my inserts and templates of the correct size for them.

    1. I will use the layout on removable sheets through the end of July.

      I did not design a file of the pages of my weekly format for the bound notebook and then print the pages. I visualized the order of the pages of the bound notebook right before I inserted the pages on the document and printed them for the last five months of the year as I was standing next to the printer. I like to print the pages in this manner. The laptop is next to the printer. Even though there is the wireless capability of the printer I do not like to sit in one room with my laptop and then send the format to the printer in another room. Other people who conceive, design and print layouts and templates can probably understand an error in discussing this topic.