18 May 2018

Free For All Friday - No 496

The month of May in my 'home country' of France is one of many public holidays, with there normally being four spread through the month.
  • 1 May Fete du Travail (Labour Day)
  • 8 May Fête de la victoire en Europe (VE Day)
  • Jour de l’Ascension (Thursday 6 weeks after Easter)
  • Lundi de Pentecôte (Monday 50 days after Easter)
Add in the differences to what UK has as public holidays in May 

As you can imagine my diary for May gets somewhat crowded with notes about public holidays and the changes to normally weekly routines such as dull things like bin collections and shop opening hours etc. 

Do you note down the public holidays for other countries other than the one you live in on your diary pages?

Of course it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything ring organiser.

Bon weekend !


  1. When I get my diary for the following year I check the bank holidays on Gov.uk and put them in. I also do the same for work. I do only put in UK ones in my personal diary but have found that there are some counties where I need the public holidays for work so will be adding those to my work Filofax.
    There are some work details in my home Filo, such as colleagues who are going to be away or important meetings. This just saves me making a dentist appointment or something and having to cancel it.

  2. I don't note public holidays for other countries unless I knew I was traveling there. I do include daylight saving time. And I make a seperate list for the national holidays that the Metro Bus observes. Metro does not observe all the national holidays. The Metro runs on a Sunday schedule for the holidays it does observe.

  3. I don't put public holidays in my calendar, but I will put in the no school days for all of the surrounding school districts. I work in pediatrics and kids being off of school really affects out calls received and work flow.

  4. I'm American living in the UK so I make sure to note both country's holidays in my planner. I also note some other international holidays just of my own interest.