28 May 2018

Tell us about...... 22

I'm sure you all use tabbed dividers to divide the pages in to different sections.

What sections do you have labelled on your dividers?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. I don't label them anymore because the sections could change.

  2. In my personal size purple Malden Filofax I have dividers labelled with the following - to do, calendar,information,paper refill size, pets,losts, shopping, console games,ideas, goals, volunteer, notes and stash

  3. I only have diary, notes, budget and to read in my main Filofax that I always carry. Doing a blog piece on it soon so won’t go into detail. All the other things I need are in other planners.

  4. I have:
    Inbox, lists, personal, projects, financial, diary, home, health, remember, travel, recipes, contactacs
    In my Filofax personal

  5. I may be in a minority of one in that I don't use dividers. At least, not to divide. I usually have one at the front and one at the back just to protect the paper in between. I use different folders or notebooks for different purposes, so I have nothing to divide ...

  6. My privacy folder makes a natural divider/section finder between the calendar inserts and A-Z tabs but it moves around as needed. Most of the time,it sits behind the A-Z tabs, so no dividers.

  7. I've got Personal Info; Yearly and Monthly; Notes; Diary; Misc and then A-Z. I cut a notes page in half lengthwise and use it in my Week on Two pages Diary as an ad hoc notes/to do list. My A-Z has contacts and also info per subject (e.g. I have a subsection under M for my mum with her friends and neighbours' numbers). I also have 2 Today rulers - one in my Diary and one in my.Monthly pages.

  8. No tabs. No dividers. No labels. I know exactly where every section is, after 35 years using ring planners.

  9. Interesting range of responses here so far!
    In my Getting Things Done set up, I stopped labelling the sections as they never changed:

    And in my simplified set up, the only dividers I use are A-Z ones:

  10. In my personal size: To Do; Notes; Codes; Diary; Money; Phone.
    In My A5 for work: Montly; Weekly; Daily;Phone AZ; Notes.

  11. Hi there, I am very new to Filofax.. but I am already smitten. As a serial list maker/loser with a history of throwing away beautiful diaries that have been neglected by February I decided to try out the Filofax system in a cheap, generic binder...why didn’t I try it earlier?

    I love the flexibility, the practicality of having everything in one place and the ability to discard pages/listswithout ruining what is left...

    Anyway, I am currently dividerless but I Seem to have settled on the following 6 sections so I have ordered some dividers for my new Filofax which will arrive very soon (I hope). They will be:

    -Life (subdivided into 6 projects)
    - Notes
    - diary (calendar subdivided into months)
    - contacts
    - miscellany (for maps, memories, sketches, quotes...anything I want to keep that doesn’t really fit anywhere else).

  12. I don’t use many labels on my dividers; my system is easy to identify. The dividers are top tabbed, with a calendar (weekly, vertical) plain lined paper, a section for notes (already written) and last section for contacts.

  13. I have (in order): Monthly, Weekly, Finances (which I just added), Goals/Projects, and Notes. When I'm not on break from school I have a School tab as well. It went in the same spot as the Finances one is in now, so I'll have to decide where to put in once my new semester begins.

  14. I don't use dividers - they take too much space on my 20mm rings. I use the PostIt Stick on tabs when needed. They come an go, but I akways have Inbox, and one for each person in the family.

  15. For wallet:
    To buy/to do

    Pocket Holborn