04 July 2019

Choosing my favourite - by Anita

I have bought and sold many binders over the years as this allows me to have some variety, whilst keeping the number that I own at an acceptable level for me. Part of me would love to have a huge collection, but I'm really a minimalist at heart so I tend to sell one or two if a new one comes in the door.

It seems that the growing need to destash has come upon me once again, so I thought that I would share the contenders with you and how I made my choice:
1. Red Winchester 
Pros: Amazing colour, hard wearing leather, slim profile
Cons: Pockets hard to access and not a good set up as a wallet, hard leather
Conclusion: I was only really keeping it for the vibrant colour, so it is now residing with Rebecca in the US.

2. Tan Kensington 
Pros: It's a Kensington in a brighter colour, internal layout works well as a wallet, slim profile
Cons: Compared with the black one I owned previously, the leather has started to already show small signs of wear (minor loss of colour from rubbing against books in my bag and picking up dark marks) and isn't anywhere near as soft. Due to an old ink stamp at work, I often have inky fingers and was starting to worry about leaving black marks (not an issue with either the Winchester or Ascot)
Conclusion: If the leather had been as soft as on my black one, this would have been the keeper. Now residing in Canada with Alan.

3. Black Ascot 
Pros: Nice croc finish with variations between front and back pattern, layout works well as wallet, leather is solid but soft from lots of use, ring protectors can be used as secretarial pockets. Added bonus - purchased from Ian
Cons: Darker colour than others, slightly fatter profile due to pockets.
Conclusion: 'The One'! And yes, I have owned one of these before! However, this one was much cheaper and the leather is nicer as it's had more wear.

I will write another post with more pictures of the Ascot and my current set up.
I'm surprised that this was the winner as I have previously sold lovely black binders because I just couldn't see myself only owning one in this colour. I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder some years ago, so the thought of a darker coloured organiser in the winter months really didn't appeal. However, I then had a super simple idea... colourful dividers! Why didn't I think of that before... It could be a rainy and dark day, but I open up my Ascot and I'm then greeted by some cheerful colour to balance the darker exterior.

Some others that I also sold:
4) Red Congo Mulberry social organiser (Filofax M2 size)
This is a lovely little binder, but I bought it on a whim and never used it. Residing in the US with Emi.

5. Time Manager planner wallet
This is a very nice bit of leather and has a fold out section with holes to fit onto rings. Again, never used so Jacqui kindly purchased it as the recent London meet up. More photos of Tim's can be found here.