26 July 2019

Free For All Friday No 558 by Laurie

You know another thing I love about my Filofax? I don't have to log into it. How many times per day do I log into something? My phone, my laptop, my numerous email accounts, my social media, it seems like I'm logging in (and logging off) all day long.

There is no code to get into my Filofax. It doesn't lock me out if I typo. I just open it, and use it. It's always there for me.

What else do you love about your Filofax?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. I love being able to physically cross things off. Nothing makes me feel more productive than a page full of crossed off appointments and tasks!

  2. I have some lovely brass stencils which I use for planning, bought from Jayden's Apple on Etsy. It has the number 88 on one of the stencils and I don't know what to use it for!! I have tried using it to make other numbers, but failed. Can anyone else tell me what this is there for on the stencil? I have noticed it on other stencils like Hobonichi ones too. Thanks for your help. xx

    1. I had to check this on the Etsy site, because if they'd been based in Germany the 88 would have had very negative connotations! But what I see is a stencil that allows you to create any two digit number by stencilling one or more of the lines in the 88. In other words, 88 contains all of the sides for any number - remember those digital clock radios that show the time by "colouring in" the appropriate lines of an 8 to make a new number? Like this: https://sapling-inc.com/wp-content/gallery/sbp-series/Sapling-404-Wall-Mount-White-1230-H.jpg That's what I think the 88 is for ….